Donna Summer

Donna Summer is considered the Queen of Disco, mainly from her career success during the disco era of the 1970s. She was able to maneuver the R&B, pop, and disco charts with her unique sound.

Her interest in music and performing began at a young age. Like lots of other famous performers, Summer got her start in church, filling in during a church service when the original performer was unable to perform. 

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Donna Summer’s legacy continues to outlast her short life. Summer made music that inspired people to dance and to express themselves with their bodies. She was also influential in social issues. Her hit, “She Works Hard for the Money” was considered an anthem for working women and women’s rights activists. She is considered a cultural icon in the world of disco music and her contributions have influenced modern artists like Madonna and Beyonce.

As disco music began to fade, Summer ensured her longevity by effortlessly transitioning to a pop-rock sound, which eventually led to her being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame along with numerous other accolades. Her career started to pan out after the 1980s, but Donna Summer established a name for herself, which long survived past the end of her career.

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