Disco with Sister Sledge

Disco came around in the early 70's and brought a unique sound to the music industry. Sister Sledge formed their group in '71 and began to achieve their fame and success in '79. These women brought an extra piece of gold to the table with their unique sound paired with their dance style.

The 70's with Sister Sledge

In 1979 Sister Sledge began to take off with their musical career. The group consisted of four sisters, Debbie, Kim, Joni and Kathy Sledge. Their songs were rising to be on Top music Charts while the name “Sister Sledge” traveled throughout the country. Their first hit “We Are Family” climbed up to #9  on the Billboards Hot 100. The hit was catchy and easy to remember er and left a mark on people across the world for its relativeness.



Disco Demolition Night

On July 12th of 1979 “Disco Demolition Night” occurred. It started off as a Major League Baseball promotion but quickly turned into a riot. “We are Family” became the theme song of the year to bring others closer together no matter their differences. 

Nothing but the hits

After ” We are Family” was released the group continued to put out music that kept hitting the charts. “He’s the Greatest Dancer” had been charted number one for the genre of R&B. The songs “Lost in Music” and “Thinking of You” were included on the album that was certified platinum. 

Sister Sledge dominated the disco world throughout the 70's and into the 80's while continuing to deliver hit after hit. Even today "We are Family" is often played at reunions, parties and outings. The sisters left a mark on the music industry and were very successful in doing so.

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