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Disco was born in the 1970s underground network of dance venues in New York City. Disco was the music of the night clubs and gay night clubs scene that eventually evolved into a form of fashion and dance as well. Gay people along with Black people used Disco to help create a sense of community amongst each other, Disco eventually became so popular it spread to Europe and infiltrated mainstream media. The increase in demand in the 70s lead to the switch from live bands and artists to DJ’s. The most popular form Disco was viewed in was through Soul Train, the big afros, colorful and stylish fashion choices everything media loved all in one. Soul Train went on to be a prominent part of the progression of Disco until the 1980s. Disco faced backlash due to its presence in White mainstream media, as a result Disco was associated with gay and minority communities and pushed out of mainstream media with the help of White artists and rock musicians attempting to combat “disco fever”. A popular slogan of the time became "disco sucks". It was In the 80s that Disco lost majority of its relevance due to the rise in popularity of Rap, Funk and Rock Music. Some iconic musicians and figures of the time include The Larks, Donna Summer, Gloria Gaynor, and Sister Sledge.

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