• Disco started in the 1970s
  • Disco os formally known as a genre of music, specifically dance
  • Disco has R&B and funk elements
  • It heavily influenced the cultural of the day which includes fashion
  • Disco represented liberation and freedom which was why it was so heavily influenced by the LGBTQ+ community and minorities including black and hispanic people
  • One reason Disco was so powerful and popular was because it gave minorities and the LGBTQ+ community a place of acceptance during a time when there was so much going on politically


  • Four-on-the-floor: A drum style where the bass plays on all floor beats of the 4/4 bar and the eighth note or sixteenth note
  • The bass guitar was used as a rhythm instrument
  • Disco was uptempo dance music



  • Born LaDonna Adrian Gaines
  • She is known as the ‘Queen of Disco’
  • She is a cultural icon. She has sold over 230 million records and awarded 5 Grammys
  • She is best known for the singles, “She Works Hard For the Money”, “Last Dance”, “On the Radio”, and “Hot Stuff”


  • Born Gloria Fowles
  • She is best known for “I Will Survive”, “Never Can Say Goodbye”, “Let Me Know” and “I am What I Am”


  • American band from Jersey City, New Jersey
  • Members- Robert ‘Kool’ Bell, Ronald Bell, Dennis ‘D.T.’, Thomas Robert Mickens, Charles Smith, George Brown, and Ricky West
  • They are best known for “Get Down On It”, “Summer Madness”, “Celebration”, “Jimi Thing”, “Jungle Boogie” and “Ladies Night”


  • Disco’s cultural impact can still be seen today
  • Disco remains so powerful because its embodiment of freedom and liberation
  • Some aspects of its vision are seen today in music, film, and fashion
  • Personally, I believe 70s fashion and music are coming back
  • Black girl magic can been seen in this era with the afros and colorful clothes which is still being seen today


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