Disco: An Era of Self Expression

Disco Queens to the Front

Disco music has roots in soul and funk music which makes it another genre that was created by African Americans. Disco was popular in the 1970s and it was a way for people to express themselves through music, but also through fashion. It shaped culture in the 70s and helped the economic growth of other genres of music such as rock and pop as people were becoming more comfortable with notably different types of music. People wore bell bottoms and large afros which can also be traced back to the decade before, the 60s, which cause African Americans to express their Blackness to the fullest. Diana Ross was and is a disco queen and created many hits with motown during her prime in the 70s. Disco evolved in to a genre of music called club music which is still popular today, mainly in Chicago. Disco was a very influential genre and can still be found in nightclubs in the 21st century. 

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