History of Disco

Disco became popular in the 1970s New York City. Much like every other genre of music, it originated from urban culture. The genre sold sex, dancing, and drug use. The bump and the hustle are two very popular dances that derived from Disco. This genre of music is very notable because it became legal for people of the same sex to dance with each other. Not only that but it also gave Latinos, African Americans, and Gays a chance to come up in the music industry and express themselves. 

Popular Dances

A few popular dances from Disco include; The Hustle, The Bump, The Funky Chicken, Disco Finger, Bus Stop, Robot, and so many more.

Popular Artists

Donna Summer

Donna Summer gained her popularity in the late 70s. and not long after she was known as the “Queen of Disco.” She became the lead singer of a psychedelic funk band called Crow. She spent some time living in Europe where she recorded some of her more popular songs such as “Love to Love you baby and “I Feel Love.” She had 42 hit singles on the US Billboard Hot 100. 14 of those 42 reached top ten.  

Diana Ross

Diana Ross, much like Donna Summer, was the lead singer of a 1960s band known as The Supremes. The group produced some of the most popular songs that are still relevant today including; “Stop! In the Name of Love” and “You Can’t Hurry Love”. She left the group in the 1970s and released her first solo album that featured her hit song “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”. Not only was Ross an impeccable performer, but she was also a very talented actor. She was the lead actor in the 1978 film The Wiz. 

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