Diane Earnestine Earle Ross, totally changed the pop/soul culture round of the 1960s and ahead with her intense, amazing, melodic voice in a few unique types of music. She is normally referred to for her melodic abilities and additionally her acting talents,not just in the city of Broadway yet globally as well. Diana’s legend is carried on through her sweet voice, capable melodic stream, and “dynamic ladies” picture which are effectively perceived till this day. With the assistance of Diana Ross, she has prepared for ages of craftsman and numerous more to come. With her unmistakable, capable soprano , easy melodic tunes, Ross swung the spotlight forward and backward from Motown Records to the own special Broadway avenues. This paper will investigate why Diana Ross has such a tremendous effect on the pop/soul music. 

-Treasure May


Prior to my extensive research on Diana Ross, I could only imagine a glamorous  diva. However, Diana is known for quite more. Diana Ross is known for her outstanding works produced as a Motown artist, during both her group and solo career and her diva ways. However, Diana was dynamic in her abilities to switch genres- pop, soul disco, rhythm and blues and rock and roll making her the most successful women artist of this area. Diana Ross is an astounded artist for uplifting women and other artists through her grace and music as a pop diva. Diana Ross was the most successful female singer of the pop, soul, rhythm and blues, disco and rock and roll era making her the dynamic women.


Diana “Diane” Ross was born March 26, 1944 in Detroit, Michigan. Ross is a successful American singer, songwriter, and producer. She began singing at a young age and rose to fame with her debut as the lead singer of the Supremes, one of Motown’s hit musical ensembles. Her success as the lead singer of the chart-topping girl group made it possible for future African American R&B  and soul artists to find mainstream success. American singer and actress who achieved international stardom, first as leader of the vocal group the Supremes and later as a solo artist. Ross was named an ‘American Dream Girl” and had success as an American artist and actress. Diana Ross is a devastating artist. Her “rags to riches” narrative uplifts women across the world. Ross shines as an all-around female artist.

-Erin alford