Erin Alford

04 March 2018

Dr. Johnson


Bibliographical Study Outline- “Diana Ross: The American Dream Girl”


Artist: Diana “Diane” Ernestine Ross


Research Methodology: Discovering Diana Ross, as the “American Dream Girl” consisted of extensive research. I focused on using credible biographies, and personal essays to further my familiarity with her. I was able to access articles and readings from the Robert W. Woodruff Library. Following my research, I was able to recognize Diana Ross as an outstanding artist, actress, and pop culture influencer.


Thesis: Diana Ross is a devastating artist. Her “rags to riches” narrative uplifts women across the world. Ross shines as an all-around female artist.


Introduction: The introduction will include Ross’s early life and personal life, as well as major events leading up to her early career.

Early Life:


Personal Life:

Body: The body of the paper will focus on Ross’s career, and her accomplishments.






Conclusion: Diana Ross’s successes as an African American female artists have influenced music artists all over the world. As an artist. performer , and actress, Diana Ross has proven herself to be the “American Dream Girl”.