Detroit Techno: 808s, 202s, and 606s

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Techno is a form of dance music that emerged in Detroit in the early to mid-1980’s that features electronic instruments including drum machines, multi-track mixers, and multi-track mixers, computers, and samplers. However, the use of drum machines, Roland TR-808, Boss Dr-202, and Roland TR-606, were an important part of techno because it contributed the imitation of drums, cymbals, other percussion instruments, and often bass-lines.

The Roland TR-808 was introduced by the Roland Corporation in 1980. The 808 generates sounds in imitation of acoustic percussion: the bass drum, snare, toms, conga, rimshot, claves, handclap, maraca, cowbell, cymbal, and hi-hat (open and closed). The 808 was the first drum machine with the ability to program an entire percussion track from beginning to end, complete with breaks and rolls. The 808 has had a lasting impact on music of all genres and has been used on more hit records than any other drum machine.

The Boss DR-202 is a compact programmable rhythm/drum machine from the Groove Zone. It features 256 drum and bass sounds (207 drum, 49 bass) arranged into 128 kits exclusively developed for groove music production–from hip-hop to jungle, drum ‘n’ bass, trip hop, house, Latin and more. Classic TR-808, TR-909 and TB-303 sounds, vinyl sounds, Lo-Fi drum samples, various synth basses, sound effects and more can be found inside. Its authentic groove music patterns can be used “as is” or broken down into User patterns.

The Roland TR-606 was built by the Roland Corporation from 1981-1984. The TR-606 has six synthesized sounds labeled as: Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Hi Tom, Lo Tom, Cymbal and Open/Closed Hi Hat. An additional function labeled accent serves to modify the volume of the entire drum mix on a given beat. This allows, for example, a louder beat 4 in a simple drum pattern: boom-chik, boom CHIK. There is no “swing” parameter on the TR-606. The output is mono.




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