Deborah’s IME

Hello my name is Deborah Blount, sophomore music major, and I don’t know where I’m from. I was born in Iowa City, IA and from the time of my birth until I started college in the fall of 2016, I had moved 11 times all around the city of Chicago and part of Indiana. I’ve lived in four different apartments, five houses, and two townhouses. I’ve lived with both my parents, just my grandmother, my father and brother, my mother and brother, and most recently my step mother and father. So needless to say my idea of home and family has been a little bit skewed over the years.

This becomes especially frustrating in coming up with my Spelman intro. Because to be honest I’m not really from anywhere, I’m from everywhere. In addition to living in the Midwest I’ve also lived in NY, Atlanta, and Alabama. So when I think of where I’m from I can’t think of where I’ve lived the longest (because I’ve never lived anywhere longer than four years). Instead I choose to think of where I FEEL at home. And what I’ve decided is that overwhelmingly that place is Chicago. I love the sounds, and the smell, and the touch that Chicago has. I love it’s history and it’s personality. Chicago honestly raised me. It’s the place where I’ve learned the most, and laughed the most and cried the most, and had all my major ups and downs. Chicago gave me my toughness and street smarts. But also my compassion and love of community. It taught me the importance of caring for others while also caring for myself. It introduced me to God, music, and every other thing I consider a part of my identity. I’m thankful for Chicago for giving me my home. For giving me my family. And for giving me, me. So again my name is Deborah Blount I am a sophomore music major from the GREATEST city: Chicago IL.

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