Death Grips: A New Take on Techno

Members of Death Grips (l to r): Zach Hill, MC Ride, Andy Morin

Brief Background

In 2010, the band formed in Sacramento, California. The members of the band are Zach Hill (drums), MC Ride (vocals), and Andy Morin (keyboard). Their sound varies from experimental hip hop to punk rock, electronic, noise, and hip hop.

They are the faces of a new movement in electronic music, that has evolved from “industrial techno,” which got its start in the 1990s.

An Example of a Song

The rap group has earned the respect of music legends such as David Bowie, who wrote his album “Black Star” inspired by this song, and Bjork, who recorded samples for their album “N***as on the Moon”

This is a collab written by Bjork, and remixed by Death Grips.

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100 gecs is another “noise” “electronic” group. Both groups make music that is so awful it is almost good.

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