By: Darlene Nawuridam

  • Compared to classical music, Jazz is more upbeat.
  • Jazz was seen as a sin, and people looked down on jazz players.
  • Jazz was derived from Ragtime.
  • Jazz is a mix of African and European music. It was combined when Africans were brought to America and were only exposed to European music, creating a mixture.
  • The “first” famous jazz musician was Buddy Bolden.
  • Louis Armstrong, by contributing his take to the genre, introduces new elements to it. He is known as the father of Jazz and created the trumpet solo in the genre.
  • Jazz was well known in New Orleans, but musicians began to travel across the US, which gave it more exposure.
  • Most Jazz musicians were self-taught.
  • Dixieland Jass Band claimed to be the creators of jazz because they made the first jazz recording.
  • Black musicians at the time could not record their music allowing white musicians to dominate the industry.
  • Joe King Oliver
  • Doc Chetnam
  • Black musicians moved to Chicago for better opportunities.
  • Louie Armstrong was the best jazz trumpet soloist. He would play high notes for an extended period while it was difficult for his white counterparts to do so.
  • Coleman Hawkins introduced the saxophone as a frequent instrument in the genre.
  • Inspired by the movements jazz music created, James B Johnson developed the “Charleston.”
  • James Johnson, skilled with the piano, would play with his left hand.
  • Randy Weston
  • Billy Taylor
  • Harlem, NY, became the center for the creation of new music.
  • In 1923 Duke Ellington came to New York and performed with his band. He became famous and was known to be the bandleader.
  • Duke Ellington’s music contributed to the Renaissance in Harlem.
  • Jazz was explained in a study to contribute to wild expressions of sexuality.
  • At the same time, it was being recognized worldwide.
  • Kansas City became the home of South and Western jazz musicians.
  • Lester Young, a saxophonist, was known to play a smooth and light timbre.
  • Hollywood begins to introduce jazz music into their movies.
  • Harlem swing.

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