D-Town and Techno

Techno originated in Detroit, Michigan, in the 1980’s. This sound is different from other sounds use previously because of its’ use of high technology sounds developed on a computer. Additionally techno deconstructs many other genres of music to create new types of music. It has been said that Techno was developed because Detroit was going through a really rough time. Computers began taking jobs away people and severely affected African American communities. Techno is unique because of it’s steady four count beat and the use of computer technology in order to orchestrate whatever sound that wants to be heard. Derrick Mays, Juan Atkins and Kevin Saunderson can be credited for developing the Techno sound. They eventually became known as the Belleville Three and although this music was not very popular at first, as time went on the genre slowly grew throughout the country. This genre can be credited for the EDM and Skrillex music that we hear nowadays.