Crossover Jazz: Al Jarreau, Jesénia Jackson

In a time period when jazz music began to decline, a sub genre of music took its place in order to keep the genre of jazz alive. This subgenre is known also Crossover Jazz.

In the 1970s, Crossover jazz was created in order to keep the genre of jazz present in the music society. Crossover Jazz is a style of jazz that combines jazz with other genres such as R&B and blues. Crossover Jazz played a vital role keeping the presence of jazz as it allowed artists from different genres to be a part of the music and instrumentation. One major artist is Al Jarreau.

Al Jarreau, a jazz singer, was born on March 12, 1940. As a crossover jazz artists, he is most known for his album, Breakin’ Away. Additionally, he is known for his most notable singles, We’re In This Love Together and After All. During his career, he was able to perform with numerous artists and musicians such as Miles Davis, Kathleen Battle, and Joe Sample. Although he does not perform as much now, he has performed a numerous amount of concerts and played a major role in keeping the genre of jazz alive.

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