Christmas Concert

I chose to attend the Spelman-Morehouse Glee Club Christmas Carol on Sunday night at 7:30pm. As I listened to the concert I was so amazed at the vocal and musical performances by the sopranos, tenors, altos, and baritones. I enjoyed listening to the organist, drummers, pianist, and trumpet players. I always attend Christmas concerts at my church and it was great going to another one that was similar to the one I go to back home. Morehouse and Spelman College are predominately black colleges so the songs sang incorporated Negro Spirituals, Gospel, and Christmas Carols that linked each and every one of us to our heritage and culture. My absolute favorite song performed was ” Angels Shouting”, the soloist had a beautiful voice which carried the performance well. Although that was my favorite song selection the whole concert was preformed and conducted greatly. The atmosphere of the audience and room was a joy to be apart of. I left the concert wishing I had a gift to sing looking forward to next years Christmas performance.