Concert Review- Kendall Jones

I attended the African Music Experience at Morehouse College. The concert started with a vocal kalimba circle which was very interesting how they got the entire audience to participate. The song taxi driver was also really good and it had some high points. When they stopped the music and everyone was kind of confused it was also interesting. The song Sweet Mother, they had a very wonderful trumpet solo and an amazing sax solo. The saxophone solo was amazing how it ran through the scales and just killed it with how they played it. And the trumpet solo did the same thing with its wonderful bright sound. This was probably the highlight of the concert for me. Another one of my favorite songs that were played was betelehemu. The glee club sang this very well and has me still trying to sing the chorus a week after the performance! The instruments added to the performance and was a great way to incorporate the audience. The last song was lithisikiya which had a kalimba ensemble the afro-funk ensemble and the glee club. I loved how it incorporated everyone who was apart of the concert. Singers, instrumentalists, even a class that had been practicing their miniature instruments.

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