I attended Atlanta Ballet’s Heart/Beat show at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center on the opening night. The second act of the Ballet was my favorite one. It was called Rhythm. I did not have much of any expectations because I have never been to a ballet before. The beginning was very odd and different. I did not quite understand what the purpose or message was. There was just a black screen and a single light. Initially there was a man who walked out making odd movements and noises. When I paid closer attention to the sounds that were being made I realized that all of those sounds are ones that we hear on a regular day. When all of these sounds are put together into one continuous sound it just sounds like gibberish. After the first man came out, another came doing different movements but to the same sound. These movements were odd but very familiar. It was movements such as hunching over, lifting up their arm, bending down and some other movements like so. Then, again another person comes out. Now all three are doing odd movements to these sounds. After almost 10 minutes, it felt like, another and another person came out doing the same as the others. Now all 5 persons are doing these everyday movements to these everyday sounds but it still seemed so odd. The next part of the act that caught my attention was when they each would callout a letter and do a specific movement to go with it. As the letters were called out in a pattern they each would do a movement in a line. The most creative part that I loved was when they introduced themselves. They each had movements to go with their names and they performed it to create a song. It started out slow and then picked up in pace as they got closer to the end. I personally would not have thought to introduce the dancers in such a way.

            Overall, this act definitely opened my eyes in a completely different way. The way these dancers moved to these sounds showed you how much rhythm plays a role in our everyday lives. Everyday movements are dance moves essentially. Music is so creative and complex yet so simple. Some of the music we listen to today is nothing but basic sounds put into patterns. Music is a set of patterns. Only a few can show you how music lives in everything that we do and consume.

            I loved this ballet act and would recommend everyone to go see it. It definitely gave me a different perspective on life and rhythm. The dancers and composers did a great job and got their point across clearly. I now see rhythm in everything that I do. There isn’t a day that goes by when I do not see how music is incorporated in everything. Music is something that we live, literally.