Concert Report: DJ Spooky

Paul Dennis Miller’s — known by his professional name DJ Spooky — concert took place on October 4, 2018 at 7 PM in the Camille Olivia Cosby, Ed.D. Academic Center at Spelman College.  The concert lasted for about an hour with a 30 minute “question and answer” session at the end.

DJ Spooky performed seven pieces (listed below with a brief description), playing a combination of traditional classical instrumentals and digital classical remixes.  DJ Spooky composed all of the pieces. DJ Spooky had a violin and cello accompaniment and he used an application he created to remix his pieces. DJ Spooky’s compositions were classical with hip hop and techno edits using algorithmic music transcription.  The music was upbeat and included some syncopation.

  • Check Your Math (traditional classical)
  • Check Your Math (remix with hip hop elements)
  • Arctic Rhythms, Quartic I (remix with hip hop elements)
  • Small Loops (remix with hip hop elements and voiceovers)
  • Ice Zonification (traditional classical)
  • Ice Zonification (remix with hip hop elements)
  • Of Water and Ice (remix with hip hop elements and voiceovers)

DJ Spooky used his music and performance to address climate change and global warming.  He also spoke about the combination of technology and traditional music and the beauty of artists and scientists working together to create music.

Although DJ Spooky mentioned several times that he only met the other musicians the day of the concert, the musicians seemed very well prepared.  The music was performed well and sounded rhythmically together. The hip hop edits to the classical music stuck out the most because it is odd to hear two genres of music that are so different combined into one.

My least favorite composition was Arctic Rhythms, Quartic I because it sounded very unnatural and forced.  The edits that were added did not flow well with the original classical piece.  The first piece performed, Check Your Math, was my favorite because it seemed like DJ Spooky took time to ensure the types of edits matched the mood of the songs at every point.  Also, since that was my first time hearing music like that I think it really stuck out to me and is the most memorable.

Overall, I think the audience was pleasantly surprised by the music performed by DJ Spooky.  It seemed as though this time of music was new to the majority of the audience, but almost everyone seemed to like it.

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