Concert Report: Atlanta Heart Ballet


The Atlanta Heartbeat Ballet concert did not have many melodies. Most acts consisted of sounds either made by people of my objects. It fostered a clear message that was conveyed to the people


There was also not much rhythm, only when the Spelman glee club sang was there rhythm. The other acts were composed of random sounds, no one could figure out what type of sound would come next


The sound may not have been melodic but the dancing was! The clear and concise movements of the ballet dancers was touching to the heart and the soul. 


The whole performance was something that I had not even thought of before. The most creative piece was that in which the dancers made movements to names. This act spoke to how different people could have different movements and sounds that make them special/ 

Black Element

Clearly, the Spelman College Glee club singing the most beautiful songs brought a certain soulful element to the whole performance that would not be present if they had not been there. The Spelman Glee Club’s range of depth in the way that they all sing together is often breathtaking. 

My Response to KSR-one Movie

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