Concert Report-Allison Carter

Concert Report Notes

-Jazz is instant swing
-Looked down on people trying to play jazz
-Roy Hares: Jazz Trumpeter
-Roots of jazz come from West Africa
-LM Gottschalk- Composer and Pianist
-Banjo laid a foundation in jazz
-Joe Oliver and Louis Armstrong were the personification of jazz
-Basic concept of jazz comes from Louis Armstrong
-New Orleans was the melting pot for jazz and entertainment
-Martella anticipated the swing era
-In 1917, first jazz piece was recorded
-Jazz attracted the classical world
-Southern black migrants became the main audience
-Chicago was significant because black people were coming up from the South, bringing jazz with them
-Joe Oliver became one of the biggest names in Chicago
-Louis Armstrong left Chicago for New York to join an orchestra
-New York created their own style of jazz
-Randy Weston and Billy Taylor: Both Pianists
-Ellington band became so strong people would place it in a class by itself
-He addressed jazz for dancing, entertainment, and fine arts
-Paris/Europe became a hotspot for jazz as well
-This new music was everywhere
-Kansas City became the band hotspot
-Swing jazz became America's most popular music
-Ellington's music contributed to the Renaissance in Harlem
-Mary Marie Louis would become the first leading ladies within the jazz scene
-Hollywood started to use jazz bands with their production
-African American musicians still remained unequal compared to other white artists
-Harlem Swing (dancing) became about when they moved with the jazz music

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