Concert Report Guidelines

Basic information to include:

  • When and where did the concert take place? How long did it last?
  • How many pieces were performed? Who composed each piece?
  • Who were the performers (name of the ensemble and/or names of the soloists)?
  • If there was a conductor, what was his or her name?
  • What types of instruments and/or voice parts were featured?
  • Was there any special purpose to the concert?
  • Was the music performed well?
  • Were the musicians rhythmically “together”?
  • Were they playing/singing in tune?
  • Did any instruments or voices stick out?
  • How would you rate the musicians’ technical ability and the energy of their performance?
  • Did they seem well prepared for the concert?
  • Which composition did you like best? Why? (e.g., what specifically did you like)
  • Which composition did you like least? Why?
  • Is this type of concert experience new to you?

Specific Points to Consider

  • Describe what you heard and observed using the following musical terms,
  • Genre (classical, spiritual, jazz, gospel, hip-hop, etc.)
  • Mood (emotion conveyed by the music and performers)
  • Rhythm (beat, accent, tempo, meter, syncopation)
  • Dynamics (level of sound) Identify changes in dynamics
  • Timbre – overall sound perception of the music.
  • How does this concert compare to other performance(s) you attended previously?
  • Describe the behavior of the performers and the audience.
  • The composer’s influence on contemporaries or later musicians
Kevin Johnson

Kevin Johnson

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