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93rd Annual Spelman-Morehouse Christmas Carol Concert Post

I had the pleasure of watching the 93rd annual Christmas concert at Sisters Chapel. The concert had an engaging beginning with the choir members, men, and women, walking into the chapel through the isles singing. Following the choir, Ms. Johnson played the organ. The choir then sang nonstop for a brief 5 minutes. My favorite was “Sing We Now of Christmas” I loved the hard piano chord and the trumpeter was amazing, I feel like that song grasped everyone's attention, the trumpeter being on the balcony changed the acoustics, it sounded like an opera. I am very intrigued by the style, I can't quite pinpoint what genre it a lot of the songs fall under. Many are gospel however they are unlike the Black gospels we have heard, they focus more on the techniques of holding notes and singing in rounds. A few of the songs are in Latin which I found interesting since we have never really covered the use of other languages in African American music. Avery's solo was very good, she seemed a little nervous but she did great, it is very cool seeing classmates in their element outside of the classroom setting. Around 8:30, the men left the stage. The second soloist was very good her voice sounded warm and professional. around 8:42 they began swaying and incorporating hand motions and percussion instruments with their singing. Around 8:44 a woman banged the gong and everyone started talking, I didn't really like that part but it caught the audience's attention. The song that followed is my absolute favorite, Children go Where I Send Thee, the person rapping was astonishing, the sound was electric, the soloist that followed her had such a beautiful soft but powerful voice the addition of the drums complemented the choir. Around 9:00 the Morehouse Glee Club took the stage, I didn't enjoy their performance as much as the Spelman Glee Clubs performance, I felt it was lacking depth in the sound, I feel like it fell flat, the sound needed some layers. A King is Born was great, I just wish the men in the choir looked as enthusiastic as the soloist, he carried the performance, it was lovely. Bethlehemu was my favorite by the Morehouse College Glee Club, the tambourines, clapping and percussions brought the song to life. Soon after the Spelman College Glee Club joined the Morehouse College Glee Club and they performed about 6 songs before the finale, they exited how they entered, singing and it was the end to a wonderful performance all members of the Glee Clubs should be proud of.

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