The concert that I went to was the contemporary popular music concert. It was on November 21,2019 at 7:30pm in LLC2 auditorium. It lasted until around 8:30pm. They performed eleven pieces. Each piece composed by different artist.

List of songs performed:

  • Give me a Reason by Tracy Chapman
  • Jolene by Dolly Parton
  • Good Goodbye by Lianne La Havas
  • Lights up by Harry Styles
  • Foundations by Kate Nash
  • Tyrone by Erykah Badu (arranged by Shekinah Kinlow)
  • After Love has Gone by Earth, Wind and Fire
  • All I Ask by Adele
  • Resentment by Beyoncé
  • Bust your Windows by Jasmine Sullivan
  • Gold by Andra day

The performers were:

  • Alani Bulips
  • Charlize Cox
  • Jaleya Dowdell
  • Shekinah Kinlow
  • Nirarah Russel
  • Tasha Walters

There were instruments played during the concert. Below is a list of the instrument and musician who played each.

Saxophone: Ayami Oe

Flute: Kayla Diwling

Guitar: Nena Hayes and Aniya Thorpe

Piano: keyana Webb

Bass guitar: Donna Hawkins

Drums: Shirley Harper

I’m not sure if there was a specific purpose to the concert other than to showcase their talent. But the theme of the concert was resentment. I think the pieces were performed well but I did enjoy some songs more than others. There were times when I felt they rhythmically “together” but it wasn’t that bad. I think they musicians were playing in tune and some parts of certain songs were out of tune. I don’t know who was who on the stage Ut I did enjoy the woman who sung resentment by Beyoncé. She was very soulful and you could feel her emotion. The concert did seem well prepared and thought out. Tyrone was my least favorite because there wasn’t a lot of actual singing and was instrument based. They expected crowd participation but it didn’t happen. No, this type of concert experience wasn’t new to me. It actually was similar to many concerts I’ve been to. The genre was rhythm and blues because the emotion of bitter, sadness that was in the message of the songs. This concert did seem a little more mature than other concerts I had attended. There was a person who played every instrument they needed for the song. The performers were proud and happy of their work. You could see them congratulating each other after each piece. The crowd was very energetic and happy for the performers that they came to support. Overall, I liked the concert so much that if I’m not busy, I’ll attend another one from the group.