Concert Report

By: Nyla Griffith

This semester I had the privilege of attending the Spelman and Morehouse College Glee Club Christmas Carols Concert. I attended the Sunday, December 8th performance at King’s Chapel at Morehouse College. It lasted about two and a half hours and featured the glee clubs of both Spelman College and Morehouse College. They sang extremely well and were always in tune. The concert began with a prelude by Dr. Joyce Johnson who continued to play throughout the concert. My favorite section of the concert was when the Spelman College glee club sang. I specifically loved the solo performances by Avery, Jordan, and Elaine. My favorite piece was the negro spiritual that they performed before the transition. In the mixed sections, I loved the negro spirituals and felt that they were unique and important to display. The students’ voices were rich and full of emotion. One song that stuck out to me was “We are Christmas”. It was touching and I felt that everyone in the audience could feel the emotion of the soloist. In conclusion, it was a fantastic performance and I will definitely be back next year to see it again.