Commodification of African American Music

Commodification is the action or process of treating something as a mere commodity “the commodification of knowledge”. Commodification is relevant to music, especially Black Music because black music is a main distributer in capitalist. African Americans contribute to most if not all genres of music such as hip-hop, rap, jazz. Also artistic performances such as producers, dancers, and Dj’s. Music has always served as an expression of emotion and escape for Black people since the beginning of slavery. 

Commodification in Negro spirituals, Folk Music, Blues, and Ragtime music. 

As previously stated slaved used music as a form of an escape. White people were fascinated with the African ability to use music to express emotion that White abolitionist created a book of 100 slave songs sung in the US. Folk music brought exposure to a wide variety of  instruments such as the banjo, djembe drums, washboards, gourd, and if it wasn’t for Folk music these instruments would not be sold. Sheet music was very big for ragtime. Because ragtime gained its popularity during the 20’s people bought instruments that required sheet music.  Most black people loved buying records (which was popular at the time to blues music) to listen to music of African American Artist

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