Classical Music: The Never-Changing Genre


Classical music has been around for ages, dates back to the medieval times (500-`1400). But this was for our white counterparts. We came into the picture in the 1770s by Chevalier de Saint-George, a black man who was Paris-based known as the “Black Mozart”. His leap into this genre paved the way for other blacks to explore the genre and partake in what classical music is.

Characteristics of Genre:

Classical music is a soft, slow, and mellow melody that can involve an orchestra, piano, and at times a classical singer whose voice is powerful yet smooth. This genre is very calming yet joyful in its own way. At times classical music can be staccato while other times the notes can get drawn out to show the calming effect.

Social Implications:

Blacks involvement with classical music became an important pathway to being accepted in the world of white washed music. I say this because black men and women were able to come into this genre and contribute so much to it and be appreciated for their contributions. Blacks received money from the genre by composing songs, sheet music, and performing throughout Europe.


In my opinion, classical music has been the same relatively since the beginning of its time and it remains similar now which shows the rich history of it within its genre.

By: Alyssia Santiago

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