Classical music is one of the few genres that was not influenced by black folks. It has been around since the 1700s. It started in 1730 and lasted until the 1820s. Some Classical music was influenced by Baroque music. The Baroque period was right before it. Baroque consisted of soft grained viol string family of the Renaissance which was gradually replaced by the bolder violin, viola, cello, and harpsichord. Classical music came about because composers were compelled to write idiomatic instrumental works for ensembles of increasing colour and variety. Classical music was adopted by black composers. Very few black composers were able to become professionals in this field mostly in antebellum Philadelphia. Classical genre in itself was a European dominated community they did not accept much black composers in this field. After emancipation occurred there was an increase in black composers. Black composers really started getting into classical music around the 20thcentury.


Classical music is characterized as a near-obsession with structural clarity. It dominated instrumental composition to present day sonata form. Classical music came with the development of modern concerto, symphony, sonata, trio and quartet.

Social Implications:

White Europeans were racist against black folks before the Emancipation. This genre was seen as a European owned genre. After Emancipation when black composers were not excluded from the genre anymore they were able to start composing classical music. When black folks started to compose classical music, it was seen as a racial unity between black and white cultures. Black classical composers were seen as assimilators of white culture. An example of this is the black composer Scott Joplin. He creates a classical piece called Treemonisha which was considered grand opera.

Important Performers: 


Influence of Future Genres:

Classical music embodies creativity. New genres should always be opened to creativity. I believe Classical music could influence other sets of music to have creativity and not just one sound.


African-Americans were given a pedestal to compose, records and publish classical pieces in musical arenas, such as halls and theaters. Their cultural and social elements were conceptually integrated into the original music

Conclusory opinions:

I feel as if Classical music was a way to show how diverse African Americans are within the music industry. We add style and creativity to our work.


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