Class of Fall 2023

Sloan Louis

All About Me: Hello everyone, my name is Sloan Louis and I am from Atlanta, Georgia. I am a first year computer science major with

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Shelby Barksdale

Hi! My name is Shelby Barksdale and I am sophomore international studies major and economics minor from New Jersey. After I graduate I plan pursuing

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Morgan Fannin

Hey y’all, my name is Morgan Fannin and I am a second-year Health Sciences major on the pre-med track from Covington, GA. I am planning to attend medical school and study gastroenterology, then go into a career that assists people with dietary restrictions in some way.

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Nazareta Ugiagbe

My name is Nazareta Ugiagbe , and I am a sophomore at the illustrious Spelman College. And I major in political science.

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Mikaela-Rose Porter

Hi I’m Mikaela-Rose Porter. I am a first year Computer Science major with a minor in game design and development. I am from Detroit, Michigan

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