Chicago v Earth Wind and Fire

In 2004, two bands, Earth Wind and Fire and Chicago joined together at the Greek Theatre in LA for a concert. The joint performance made the many differences in music and style very apparent. You could say that funk is the Black rock and the roll( ignoring the fact that Blacks also created rock and roll) But the feeling evoked and the raw party vibe that is portrayed in both genres is really similar, but there were still major differences in the music and performance.

Both bands had very enthused and engaged audience. With both funk and rock and roll the level of excitement during a performance is essential to the enjoyment of the song. You could see this through out the performance. Earth Wind and Fire definitely had more soulful elements to their music, style, and choreography than the Chicago band did. The instruments general timbre of the music and overall performance style was the same. It is amazing to see a black and white group of such popularity perform together and it was an interesting lens to analyze funk music and Earth wind and Fire under

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