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Jubilee Post

Jubilee Quartet’s Evolution by Kyleigh Brown Origin Jubilee is “a genre from the 19th century with sacred or secular narrative texts, sung with a moderate

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Kehlani Bibliography

Bibliography Groza, Oana. Showingcasing Vulnerability As A Stregnth: A Brief Examination of Kehlani Discography. 27 July 2020. McIntyre, Hugh. “Kehlani Rules The R&B Charts Like

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Jubilee Quartets

History of Jubilee Quartets Jubilee Quartets were music groups that became popular in the early 20th century. The genre was very male dominated; however, there

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Negro Spirituals

History of Negro Spirituals The Negro Spiritual genre consists of sounds rooted in African-American heritage. Spirituals were most common in the years preceding the abolishment

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