Juan Atkins- The Father of Techno

Juan Atkins is an American record producer and DJ from Detroit, Michigan. He was described by Mixmag as “the original pioneer of Detroit techno”. Juan’s father was a concert promoter which could have contributed to his passion for music, especially techno music. In 1980, Juan formed Cybotron with Richard Davis. Cybotron was an American electro […]

The Two Waves of Detroit Techno Music: Techno and Rave!

The Two Waves of Detroit Techno Music: Techno and Rave! Techno, house, and rave (electro) are the primary forms of electronic music in Detroit. Though these forms of electronic music are not identified as African American on a global scale because several people associate techno music with the dance floors of Europe, the futuristic dance […]


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The 313 Creation

/*! elementor – v3.6.4 – 13-04-2022 */ .elementor-heading-title{padding:0;margin:0;line-height:1}.elementor-widget-heading .elementor-heading-title[class*=elementor-size-]>a{color:inherit;font-size:inherit;line-height:inherit}.elementor-widget-heading .elementor-heading-title.elementor-size-small{font-size:15px}.elementor-widget-heading .elementor-heading-title.elementor-size-medium{font-size:19px}.elementor-widget-heading .elementor-heading-title.elementor-size-large{font-size:29px}.elementor-widget-heading .elementor-heading-title.elementor-size-xl{font-size:39px}.elementor-widget-heading .elementor-heading-title.elementor-size-xxl{font-size:59px} Detriot’s finest creations Since the beginning of time, Detroit has always been known for its music, car making, and oil industry. Famous for the Motown era, another genre came from the dance music style. Techno Music became another creation for the […]

Wha-a-t in the Tech-n-ooo

… Where Are the Women in Techno? By: Demi Browder Detroit Techno Techno music started to become known around the 1980s and early 1990s. Specifically, Detroit Techno is what was known at the time, originated in the city of Detroit. This genre of music combined elements of electric technology and funk. Known Detroit techno artists […]

My Thoughts on Techno

Introduction:     America was originally introduced to Techno music in the 1980s. This version of techno music was created in the city of Detroit and was based on mixing electric technology with some elements of funk . The first known creator of the genre was Juan Atkins, who experimented with a synthesizer and tape […]

Techno Music

Techno music originated in the early 1980s in Germany. After the release of compilation Techno, the new dance sound found its way to Detroit. The sound is also known as electronic dance music with sounds composed of electronic instruments such as drum machines, sequencers and synthesizers. The style of music also use digital audio workstations. […]

The Belleville Three and The Creation of Techno

The Belleville Three and The Creation of Techno Detroit is a city that has influenced a lot of different things in American society, whether it be music or automobiles. A vibrant city with a long history, Detroit was the birthplace of techno music and was the city that many of the pioneers of techno emerged […]

DJ Minx and the Lack of Women in Techno

Jennifer Witcher, or DJ Minx, has been one of the many DJ who are the heart of Detroit techno music. She is an extremely influencial DJ that has spent her career focusing on uplifting the techno musicians of Detroit. As a black woman, “The First Lady of Wax” is a trailblazer for women in the […]

Rainbow after the Storm in Detroit

Rainbow after the Storm in Detroit Starting in 1910, many African Americans left the south and moved into northern states like Detroit. Although they were trying to run away from the racist south, they were still forced into smaller districts because they were denied equal access to the same housing as whites. This became some […]


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Electronic Dance Music

Techno which is a form of electronic dance music originated out of Detroit, Michigan during the mid to late 1980’s. Techno was formed through the mixing of different styles of music such as Chicago house, funk, electro, and electric jazz. Techno is usually credited to 3 men who were known as the “The Belleville Three.” […]

Techno Post

Techno Techno originated in Detroit Michigan during the 1980s. Essentially, techno is the mixing of various types of African American styles of music/beats such as Electric Jazz, Funk, Chicago House music, and Electro. A group known as The Belleville Three created techno in the mid 1980s, the group consisted of Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson, and […]


It’s time to get Techno-cal! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3fNDHCHVB2o&list=PLBD2254E5C958748Bhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I7N8tNuuGv8&list=PLBD2254E5C958748B&index=2https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rR5j8x3QAPw&list=PLBD2254E5C958748B&index=6 Techno is a form of electronic music produced using a wide range of computer-based digital instruments and software. Originally created in Detroit in the early 80’s, this genre of music contributed to the sound and culture of the city. Techno became a genre around the world. The people of […]

Techno Music and Its Origin

Techno Music What is Techno? Techno is a form of electronic dance music that made an appearance in the Detroit music scene in the 1980s.  Techno mostly features electronic instruments, consisting of drum machines, multi-track mixers, samplers, and computer.  includes drum rhythms, usually with a 4/4 time signature. Tempos range from 120-150 beats per minute […]

Jeff Mills – “The Wizard”

Chicago House. Funk. Electro. Electronic Music. Electric Jazz. What do these genres have in common? Well, perhaps considered separately few elements are shared, but a culmination of their styles results in a new form of music: Techno. Techno is much more than this though. It requires an actively working balance between body and sound; this […]


Origin Techno originated in the mid 1980’s in Detroit, Michigan. Using a computerized sound, techno is usually associated with dance music in clubs. In this era, technology was growing and advancing quickly and musicians realized that it could complete the task of many artists and musicians without the trouble of actual having them around. As […]

The Detroit Sound: Inner City Techno

Detroit Techno Origins Detroit Techno was created by three black native Detroit men named Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson, and Derrick May, otherwise known as the “Belleville Three.” These three young men created a genre of music that is a standard for most electronic music to this day. Their creation has influenced and carried the sound […]


T-T-T-TECHNO! In the 1980s a new genre emerged in Detroit called techno. Techno is a very fast pace electronic and futuristic sound with a dance influence similar to disco. The cells of techno are primarily built by engineers on a computer which gives it the electronics sound. The musicians that were producing techno were known […]