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Aretha Franklin Bibliography

Awkward, Michael. Soul Covers: Rhythm and Blues Remakes and the Struggle for Artistic Identity (Aretha Franklin, Al Green, Phoebe Snow). Duke University Press, 2007. Bego, Mark. Aretha Franklin: The Queen of Soul. Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.,

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Kanye West Bibliography

“Biography.” , Contributor. “Kanye West & Adidas: How the Collab Happened.” Highsnobiety, Highsnobiety, 17 Feb. 2018, Khal. “A History of Kanye West and Amber Rose’s Relationship.” Complex, Complex, 25 July 2017,

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Marvin Gaye Bibliography

Dyson, Michael Eric. Mercy, Mercy Me : The Art, Loves, and Demons of Marvin Gaye. Pbk. ed. ed., Basic Civitas Books, 2005. Keys, Alicia, et al. “Marvin Gaye.” Rolling Stone, vol. 1066, no. 1066, 2008. Ritz, David. Divided

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Christopher Wallace Bibliography

“Biggie Smalls.”, A&E Networks Television, 5 Nov. 2017, Hannah Frishberg – Mar 9, 2017 4. “Biggie Worked at My Park Slope Temple and Was ‘a Good Kid’.” Brokelyn, 24 May 2017, Kelley,

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Christopher Wallace: The Notorious

The Christopher Wallace  May 21st 1972-March 9th 1997 THE UPBRINGING Christopher Wallace, also known as the Notorious B.I.G or most commonly, Biggie Smalls was born to Voletta Wallace. In 1968, Voletta convinced the U.S.embassy in

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Rick James Bibliography

Bibliography   James, Rick, and David Ritz. Glow : The Autobiography of Rick James. First Atria books hardcover edition. ed., Atria Books, 2014. James, Rick. The Confessions of Rick James : Memoirs of a Super

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