Quincy Jones Film Reflection

In the documentary, Jones talks through it at points narrating his life and giving nostalgic stories of his beginnings  He says that “if you know your past it’s easier to get where you’re going”. Quincy Jones was born and spent his early childhood in the South side of Chicago from 1933 to 1940 when his […]

Quincy Jones Movie

The Legendary Quincy Jones To know where you came from makes it easier for you to get where you are going Quincy Jones Tweet The Quincy Jones documentary opens up with this quote. He starts off by describing some of the struggles he had to endure in his childhood. He was born in 1933 on […]

Quincy The Movie

  The Quincy movie was absolutely inspiring and legendary. Born Quincy Delight Jones Jr., he was raised on the south side of Chicago, same as myself, in the 30s. At a young age, his mother Sarah Jones, was diagnosed as schizophrenia dementia  Praecox. The story that hunts his mind till this day is when his mother was […]


Quincy is a Netflix original film documenting the life of Quincy Jones, focusing on his contributions to the music and film industry, as well as his humanitarianism later in life.   Quincy Jones was born in the 1930’s to a local street gang’s carpenter and a mentally ill woman.  His grandmother, a former slave, raised […]


Quincy Jones is extremely important to me as he is the creator of some of the most important music in my life. Quincy Jones was the producer of my top two favorite albums of all time, Michael Jackson’s’ “Off the Wall” and “Thriller” and he is responsible for some of the music in my favorite […]

The Life of Quincy Jones

In the 1930’s Quincy Jones, an American record producer, film producer, composer, and musician made an impact in the entertainment industry. Jones was raised in Chicago and he attended one of the most extravagant performance universities, Berklee College of Music. After attending school no one knew he would attain about 79 Grammy award nominations, while […]