Jubilee Quartet

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The Golden Gate Quartet

The Golden Gate Quartet Previous Next Quick History Jubilee quartets have roots stemming from the Fisk Jubilee Singers, formed in 1871. This group banded together to preform negro spirituals and combat the large amount of debt that Fisk was facing. These performances of negro spirituals to audiences led to the creation of jubilee quartets and […]

A Dedication to the Wheat Street Female Quartet

Significant in Silence: Wheat Street Female Quartet By: Demi Browder Who is Wheat Street? The Wheat Street Female Quartet is an all female group that emerged in Atlanta, Georgia in the 1920’s. You may wonder who are they? Where did they come from? I’ve never heard of an all women’s quartet group back then? Well, […]


A cappella vocal groups are also called jubilee quartets because of the characteristics of performance style. They often consisted of men; they had a developed, unique style of singing. They are a sub-genre of gospel music. They are a synthesis of African American and Western practices. Western quartets usually consisted of four members or four […]

Jubilee Quartet: The Blind Boys of Alabama

Jubilee Quartets Jubilee quartets also known as the African American quartet, is a unique singing form that started in the mid- 1800s and is derived from the historically black college and university singing movement. Jubilee quartets were extremely popular and the name derives from the Fisk Jubilee Singers, who were a group at singers at […]

How it Began: University Jubilee Quartets

Jubilee Background Jubilee is a biblical term that nearly means to shout with joy and Black people did just that, which brought to us Jubilee singing. Jubilee singing started in neighborhoods, churches, barbershops, and historically Black colleges and universities. In a typical manner, something that started small and I’m sure a hobby became main acts […]

How Jubilee Quartets Transitioned With Black America

What Sparked the Transition? The Great Migration took place between 1910-1920, in which Blacks from rural areas of the South migrated to the North in an effort to receive better educational and social opportunities. As a result of this migration, Black communities created an influx of personal religious, social, and economic opportunities. As The Great […]

Another Genre Stolen: Barbershop Community Quartets

Another Genre Stolen: Barbershop Community Quartets What do the Southern Stars, the Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet, and the Mills Brothers have in common? All three quartets were created in neighborhood barbershops. Yet, these aren’t the only famous Black artists to come out of neighborhood quartets. Jelly Roll Morton, W.C. Handy, and Louis Armstrong also all […]

The Famous Blue Jay Singers

The Famous Blue Jay Singers The Famous Blue Jay Singers only recorded ten titles for Paramount in 1932, but it was those titles that became highly popular and were re-released on the Crown, Decca, Champion, Varsity, and Joe Davis labels after the demise of Paramount in 1934. The group was located in Jefferson County, which […]

The Pilgrim Jubilees

Members: Clay Graham Cleve Graham Bobby McDougal Ben Chandler Michael Atkins Eddie Graham Fred Rice Former Members: Elgie Graham Willie Johnson Theophilles Graham Monroe Hatchett Leonard Brownlee Major Roberson Kenneth Madden Richard Crume Percy Clark Roosevelt English Jubilee is a subgenre of gospel music that was established in the 19th century. It originated among the […]

Pilgrim Jubilees

ORIGIN The Pilgrim Jubilees, sometimes commonly known as “The Jubes” are a black gospel group established in 1934. The group was established by original group member Willie Johnson and Elgie Graham, who were from Jackson, Mississippi and Chicago, Illinois. The Pilgrim Jubilees influenced a lot of today’s gospel music. PAST GROUP MEMBERS Elgie Graham Leonard […]

The Winans Brothers

The Story of The Winans BrothersA look back at the rise of the Quartet group: The Winans Introduction The Winans Brothers were a jubilee quartet group consisting of Marvin, Carvin, Michael, and Ronald Winans. They were all born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. They were raised by their Christian parents. Inspired by singing in their […]

Tuskegee Institute Jubilee Quartet

Origins The Tuskegee Quartet was formed in July 1881 after the creation of the Tuskegee Institute. The main purpose of the quartet was to perform jubilee spirituals during fund-raising campaigns. The quartet consisted of leader Robert  H. Hamilton, Hiram H. Thweatt, John F. McLeMore, and Warren Logan. Quartets rose to prominence after the creation of […]


Quartet music originated around the 1880’s is compiled (in the African American sense) of at least four voices/instruments and at most six voices. Although, as opposed to Europeans, Africans defined a Quartet based on how many harmonies existed in the group, not how many were actually in the group.  The jubilee quartets (acapella groups with […]