Hidden Plans: Dissecting the Truth

Hidden plans: Dissecting the truth What is a Double Entendre? A phrase of words with two meanings. Sometimes both meanings are obvious, and other times the meanings require critical thinking. In plain words, it is a song text with a double meaning.  Why are Double Entendres significant? double entendres are intended to have a secret […]

The Impact of “The Fisk Jubilee Singers”

Who are the Fisk Jubilee Singers? The Fisk Jubilee Singers are a influential musical group that has impacted the way we view Negro Spiritual music to this day. Founded in 1871 at Fisk university in Nashville, Tennessee the groups sole purpose was to raise money for the school. After facing financial crisis George L. White, […]

The Invisible Church That Was Seen All Over

The Invisible Church That Was Seen All Over The Birth of the Invisible Church Since the Africans arrived in America (particularly the South) from the Motherland, a majority of them have attempted to preserve as much of their African heritage as possible, including certain cultural and religious practices. It was not until the Great Awakening […]

The Church House

The Church House and The Ring Shout Negro Spirituals are the oldest songs that people of color still sing today. These songs were the  motivation and expression in times of need for the black community. Many of the negro spirituals are still sung today especially in churches.  Black churches sing Negro Spirituals but they also […]

Invisible Churches: The Safe Haven of Religion

The Birth of Negro Spirituals The Great Awakening in the 18th century sparked a period of religious revival that swept through the American colonies. As more generations of enslaved Africans were born in America, pieces of African religion slowly began to fade away. The introduction of Christianity ultimately birthed negro spirituals as slaves were allowed […]

“You make me wanna shout!”

“You make me wanna shout!” What is ring shout? Ring Shout is a form of negro spiritual that has a leader chorus, hand clapping, and is a type of religious dance where participants move in a counterclockwise circle. This type of Negro Spiritual has been around since the 1800’s and were the slave populations unique […]

Negro Spirituals

Negro Spirituals Spirituals are religious music of African Americans during the time of slavery. Spirituals were originally an oral tradition that imparted Christian values while also describing the hardships of slavery. They were often embellished and they were also called either “church songs” or “jubilees” or “holy roller songs.” There are different types of Negro […]

The Great Awakening

The Great Awakening What was The Great Awakening? The Great Awakening was a period of the revival of the Christian religion in the American colonies which started around 1740. Over 100 hundred years after Africans arrived in North America, around 1619, did the Great Awakening take place. As enslaved Africans began to practice Christianity, they […]

From the Cotton Field to Concert Halls

FROM THE COTTON FIELD TO CONCERT HALLS Negro Spirituals originated from the hymns and somber melodies sung by enslaved people working on plantations as religious music to express Christian religious values and trials. European missionaries introduced hymns and psalms to enslaved people, but African Americans combined their roots of West and Central Africa with their […]

How Spirituals Helped Build Hampton University

How Spirituals Helped Build Hampton University When one speaks of music’s power, they typically are only talking about how music is an emotionally empowering tool. Yet, in many scenarios, music can be powerful in other ways. For instance, if it were not for the African American spiritual, Hampton University may not have become the institution […]

Spiritual vs Hymns

Spirituals vs. Hymns Introduction Spiritual and hymns play a big role in African American music and culture. It demonstrated how enslaved African Americans would use Spiritual and Hymns as a way of self-expression. Though they are similar, Spirituals and hymns are not the same. What is a ? Spirituals are the earliest form of religious […]

Fisk Forever: The History and Legacy of Arranged Spirituals

Fisk Forever: The History and Legacy of Arranged Spirituals The Fisk Jubilee singers were the forefront for the creation of HBCU choruses by being the first to present an arranged style of music. Fisk University is an institution that was founded in 1866 for newly freed African-American people. The University faced financial hardship shortly after […]

Negro Spirituals

Negro Sprituals Those who were bought from Africa dealt with harsh living conditions without freedom or grace. Negro Spirituals were a way were slaves to express their resistance and survival, often sung with homemade instruments, if any instruments at all. Negro Spirituals were a way for them to express their concerns, feelings, or thoughts about […]

Songs of PPF

Negro Spirituals, also known as the music and songs that slaves used to sing as a coping mechanism. As functions, Negro Spirituals were used an outlet for slaves and had three main functions; songs of praise (Keep Your Hand on the Plow), a protest to the systematic slavery (I Got a Robe), and as coded […]

Negro Spirituals

By Abiodun Scott​ Negro spirituals were based around the BIble and the tragedies of slavery. African Americans typically used to express their faith in God and instill hope in themselves and their future generations of a better future; a future where they are free and no longer have to struggle. Their inherent faith in the […]

Negro Spirituals

Negro Spirituals Spirituals were originally an oral tradition that iintertwined Christianity and describing the hardships of slavery. Although spirituals were originally unaccompanied songs and developed into harmonized arrangements. The term “spiritual” is derived from the King James Bible translation of Ephesians 5:19: “Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making […]

Jubilee Singer

Fisk University Founded in 1866 was the first liberal arts institution of higher learning for both men and women of color. Not even five years in the institution ran in to sever financial trouble. In a last ditch effort to save the school the treasury used the last of its money to fund a tour […]

Negro Spirituals: Express Yourself

Expression Through Throughout slavery, singing was the way slaves could express themselves and their emotions. It was also the way they communicated escapes. Negro spirituals were also the African Americans form of religious music during the time of slavery. Much like folk, negro spirituals used call and response techniques. Famous Negro Spiritual Songs Swing Low […]

Negro Spirituals

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xa8r2SM035w[/embedyt]A negro spiritual is a form of religious music created by African Americans during slavery in the 1800’s. Spirituals were the earliest form of religious music developed among African Americans. Often mistaken as a combination of European hymns, Spirituals were not hymns. The defining structure of a spiritual was call and response. Call and […]