A Woman’s Tribute to Negro Spirituals

Marian Anderson Singing Songs to Her Rights By: Demi Browder Who was Marian Anderson? Marian Anderson was born on February 27, 1897 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She was known not only for her contralto, but her bravery to breakthrough racism to show her talent. Growing up Anderson revealed her voice talents early, but unfortunately her family […]

Negro Spirituals: The Slave Songbook

The Christian themed backbone of gospel music in the form of religious work songs with African rhythm and common chanting styles that initially served as a coping mechanism for slavery but has served for all forms of black plight in America.

The Significance of Negro Spiritual Music

The Significance of Negro Spiritual Music Negro Spiritual music highlights both religious and musical traditions for the African American community. Much like Folk Music, Negro Spiritual emphasizes storytelling and expression. Negro Spiritual songs were experiences of those who were enslaved. Negro Spiritual has influenced much of music throughout history, and it is still utilized in modern day […]

Pass It On Up: The Movement of Negro Spirituals through Black American History

The Origin of the Negro Spirituals:        Negro Spirituals is a music genre made by the enslaved Africans in America during the 18th century.  These songs often mixed in elements of the Christian church and the storytelling of the slaves. Often used as a comfort for most, negro spirituals were sung as a […]

The Foundation of Black Music: The Negro Spiritual

The Foundation of Black Music: The Negro Spiritual The Negro Spiritual, commonly known as the African American Spiritual, can be traced back to the times of Trans-Atlantic slavery. Enslaved Africans would create these forms of music for a plethora of reasons and variations of the music is still widely known in Black communities. History of […]

Negro Spirituals: The Voices That Keep it Alive

Negro Spirituals: The Voices That Keep it Alive Negro Spirituals are an important aspect of the African American culture. This genre does not have a specific start date but became popular during the Great Awakening. Due to the enslaved not being able to attend church with their masters this caused them to form their own […]

Oh Freedom!: Spirituals as a Second Language

  Negro spirituals have been prevalent since the time of their creation. In times of enslavement, enslaved Africans were exposed to  Christianity.  Many people believe that the journey during the transatlantic trade washed away all African cultural practices. While many things were stripped from these individuals through chattel enslavement, some still remained.  The way enslaved […]

Spirituals: A Great Way of Performing? Or Another Spectacle for White People?

A Great Way of Performing? Or Another Spectacle for White People? The Fisk Jubilee singers are one of the most famous examples of a group that brought attention to Negro Spirituals. But did the group’s formation lead to further commodification of the Black body and new commodification of the Negro spiritual?  Note, this is just […]

Negro Spirituals: The Great Awakening and The Invisible Church

Negro Spirituals originated from the hearts, minds, and souls of Africans who were captured and soon after sold into slavery. As a result of being stripped away from their land and being sold, many Africans were robbed of their cultures, families, and languages. The one thing that the slaves held on to that could never […]

Negro Spirituals: Evidence of the Stead-fast African-American Spirit

Negro Spirituals: Evidence of the Stead-fast African-American Spirit Lila Gilliam Negro Spirituals are the religious and expressive music of African-Americans during slavery; they exemplified Christian religious values and allowed creative expression for the enslaved ancestors and even Black artists and musicians today. Because of its historical longevity, the Negro Spiritual is a testament to the […]

The Hidden Meaning Behind Your Favorite Negro Spiritual

Previous Next Modern day society’s art expression had practical uses for our ancestors. For example, cornrows are rumored to be used as maps or food storage for the survival of the enslaved. In a sense, music was used in a similar way. Music and religion were an integral part of everyday life in Africa. Christianity was […]

Negro Spirituals

Negro Spirituals Trinity Burnett        Starting as early as 1619, negro spirituals were used to convey Christian values while also incorporating hardships of slavery amongst African Americans. The spirituals expressed that one day, whether in this life or the afterlife, that they would be set free from the chains of slavery. Many of […]

The Evolution of Negro Spirituals: Ring Shout!

The Evolution of Negro Spirituals: Ring Shout! The concept of ring shout has evolved through time, and it is still prevalent today through groups and churches. Ring Shout is a form of negro spiritual that expresses the Christian religion in unique ways. It is a form of folk spiritual characterized by leader-chorus antiphonal singing, highly […]

The History of Folk Music

Folk Music Influence in Slave Communities Work songs were used in Slave communities to help coordinate movement, lift their spirits, and help ward of fatigue while working. Many times, planters would appoint the best and strongest singer to lead the group, since they could keep the work songs going and help improve productivity among the […]

The Survival of Negro Spirituals

Negro spirituals are songs created by the Africans who were captured and brought to the United States to be sold into slavery. This stolen race was deprived of their languages, families, and cultures; yet, their masters could not take away their music. The songs were also used to communicate with one another without the knowledge […]

Negro Spirituals

Sounds to Move Your Spirit: Negro Spirituals Thesis Negro spirituals were an essential component to the survival of enslaved African-Americans and demonstrate attitudes of resistance to white supremacy. About Negro spirituals are songs that were created by enslaved people as an outlet to express their emotions. Enslavement is an experience that makes humanity and human […]

Negro Spirituals: Keeping the Tradition vs Innovation

Negro Spirituals Keep the Tradition or Be Innovative with our Culture? by: Hunter Christopher Negro Spirituals is a genre that continues to influence our culture. It is an influence of not only African American culture, but also Caribbean culture. Being from the British Virgin Islands has allowed be to recognize and foster a great appreciation […]

The Road to Justice and Equality: The influence of the Negro Spiritual

The Road to Justice and Equality: The influence of the Negro Spiritual   The Negro Spiritual  The Negro spiritual was known to be the earliest form of religious music amongst African Americans in the United states. These spiritual songs continued to flourish in the south until the abolishment of slavery.  The birthing of the spirituals […]

The Jubilee Singers

The Fisk jubilee singers has made a major impact of representing Negro Spirituals and their school.