A Whole New World: Black Musical Theatre

Black Representation in Musical Theatre The Beginning Vinnette Carroll is an actress, playwright, and director. Not only was she Broadway’s first African-American female director, but also she was the first Black actress to star in a week-long tv show. She made her Broadway debut in the 1956 revival of A Streetcar Named Desire. She then […]

The Important of Black Musical Theater

The Important of Black Musical Theater Musical Theater is an essential aspect of African American Culture. The performances combine songs, acting, dancing, spoken dialogue that becomes essential to the Black Community. From the early 20th Century to today’s society, black musical theater gave African Americans a way to express themselves and tell their stories from […]

Black Musical Theater: DREAMGIRLS

The iconic broadway musical production of “Dreamgirls” starring Jennifer Holiday, Loretta Divine, and Sheryl Lee Ralph was a phenomenal black musical that embodied the talent, creativity and range of black singers and actresses. The inspiration came from one of Motown record label amazing acts “The Supremes”.  Original Story Behind Dreamgirls The broadway 1981 play tells the […]

Black on Broadway

Black on Broadway Black theatre has become a staple in performance style, music and acting over the years, making it the primary influence of many musical theatre performances today.  History of Black Musical Theatre Black theatre has roots in minstrel shows which were often put on by white performers to imitate black stereotypes for comedic […]

Shuffle Along

Shuffle Along was the first all-black Broadway musical. The musical debuted in May 1921 and was a musical comedy created by Eubie Blake and Noble Sissle. It laid the ground work and opened doors for other black musicals on Broadway Eubie Blake Noble Sissle Shuffle Along originally opened in the Howard Theatre in Washington, DC […]

Black Broadway

MUSICAL THEATER Musical Theater allowed African- Americans to reclaim black theatrics. Prior to the creation of this genre, white people would do black face and perform theatrics as black people. Musical theater was a deceleration of dignified and authentic black theatrics and talent. Through Musical theater black people were able to fully express themselves. It […]

Musical Theatre

Play Musical Theatre 1800s-Now Origin Black musical theatre originated in New York city during the late 1800s. Black people were represented in plays by using blackface. Blackface was a way to degrade blacks people and exclude them from theatre. Musical theatre involves both singing and acting in front of an audience. Dahomey was the first […]

Voodoo Macbeth: Musical Theater

Showtime on Set: Voodoo Macbeth Voodoo Macbeth is just a well known nickname for the Federal Theater Project’s 1936 New York rendition of William Shakespeare’s production of Macbeth. The director of the play, Orson Welles took the setting of the play from Scotland to the Caribbean and added in Haitian voodoo in place of the […]

Musical Theater

Musical Theater Musical theater describes a style of drama which involves acting and singing.  Before dramas were televised they were performed at playhouses. The epitome of success for a play was for it to be performed at Broadway. Black musical theater first emerged as minstrel shows. The first full length production written and played by […]

The Importance of Black Musical Theater

The Importance of Black Musical Theater Black Musical Theater began in new York City in the late 1800s. in the beginning sadly African Americans were portrayed by white people using blackface but luckily this eventually changed into something very influential for black actors. Thanks to Will Marion Cook and Bob Cole black written and casted […]

Casting Call

Musical Theater American musical theater in the 1890’s was a genre monopolized by white people. African Americans were only seen through the white director or peoples perspective which was usually presented in the form of Black face or through coon songs. However, in 1898, William Marion Cook and Bob Cole brought Black art to Broadway. […]

Musical Theater

Ease on Down the Road African American musical theater used to be white people in racist blackface derisive and disrespecting the African American culture and appearance but finally in 1898, Will M. Cook and Bob Cole produce an African American written comedy to Broadway. Musical Theater allowed people to combine art, music, and dance to […]

Musical Theater

https://youtu.be/-JoKlDMYACQ Theater Previous Next Musical Theater has a main goal of adding an additional complexity in the way in which entertainment is delivered to an audience. That is, comedy, music, and dancing will oftentimes be incorporated in addition to the dialogue that is included in a production so that the audience is further entertained. The […]

Broadway’s Black History

Black Broadway History The roots of the black musical theater reach back to the circuses, dime museums, and minstrel shows in the years surrounding the Civil War. There have been a bountiful amount of black-authored entries: some of the most known is “The Wiz” and “Noise/Funk”. Black Musical Theatre, or in particular black authored musicals […]

Lights, Camera, Action- Musical Theatre

Lights, Camera, Action! Musical theatre was very segregated. Black people could not engage in it as much as whites because of the racial segregation. White people then started to do “black face”. This is when the whites started to paint there faces black or brown to be portrayed as a black person which is highly […]

Development of Musical Theater in the Black Community

Development of Musical Theater in the Black Community In the 19th and early 20th century, Black people were portrayed as racist fictitious characters through using Black face by White actors. Plays like “Two Real Coons” were dangerous to the image of Blacks. They were so popular in America and this became the narrative for what […]

A Musical Theater Post

MUSICAL THEATER What is musical theater? Well, from the title of the genre, one can say that it is theater with music in it, or you can say that it is music with theater in it. However, most people will go with the first option. It started out in the early 20th century as has […]

Musical Theater

Black People in the Musical Theater African Americans were able to express themselves through acting. Majority of the musical theaters happened in New York City. White people would make fun of black people with black face. The white people would pain the face the color black and act how they portrayed black people to be. […]

You’re gonna love me!

Musical Theater Before the 1890s, white people portrayed African American life on broadway through blackface. It 1898, a black-written musical comedy was brought to Broadway by Will Marion Cook and Bob Cole. “Clorindy” and “The Origin of the Cake Walk” were the first all black shows. Bob Cole focused on elevating the lyrical sophistication of […]

Black People and Musicals

Before black people started to perform in musicals, they were mocked by white performers and the shows were called “coon songs”. In 1898, Will Marion Cook and Bob Cole made the first black written playwright on broadway. In 1915, Scott Joplin, ragtime composer, tried to produce a Broadway show but it failed because of financial […]