Aretha – A Name To Be Respected

by: LaShaunda McWright “Being a singer is a natural gift. It means I’m using to the highest degree possible the gift that God gave me to use. I’m happy with that.” —Aretha Franklin       When you hear the name “Aretha”, you know exactly who is being talked about!  For decades, Aretha Franklin reigned […]

The Making of Hitsville

Previous Next                                                                LET’S SEE WHERE $800 CAN GET YOU… THAT’S ALL IT TOOK BERRY GORDY  How Motown Became Motown Berry Gordy – The Man […]

Rainbow after the Storm in Detroit

Rainbow after the Storm in Detroit Starting in 1910, many African Americans left the south and moved into northern states like Detroit. Although they were trying to run away from the racist south, they were still forced into smaller districts because they were denied equal access to the same housing as whites. This became some […]

The Universal Appeal of the Motown Sound

The Universal Appeal of the Motown Sound Amaia Calhoun Motown, more than any other record label in history was able to create a sound that appealed to all of America and beyond.  Prior to the founding of Motown, African American artists had limited exposure and acceptance by white audiences.  Berry Gordy’s Motown was able to […]

Motor City Blues

The blues took a new turn when it emerged in Motor City Detroit Michigan. A town where before was considered barren, the blues made the town a hotspot for music. With musicians such as John Lee Hooker and Washboard Willie the blues had made its mark in the music industry. After the blues took over, […]