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This semester has been full of laughs, loaded with information, and left me questioning a lot of things. I learned about the different musical genres that

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Parting Thoughts

Dr. Johnson, I’ll admit I thought I knew exactly what to expect from this class. However, after the first week of class I was quickly

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Final Goodbye

Dear Doc, I did not know what to expect from this class. This semester was very challenging for me and I just wanted to say

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Last Words…

Dr. Johnson, thank you for a great semester! Coming into this class, I only had my musical knowledge of having played an instrument and singing

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My Last Words

Dr. Johnson, Thank you so much for this semester. I learned so much about our people’s history and how everything that has happened to us

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Dr. Johnson, I would genuinely like to thank you for being the professor of the class Survey of African American Music. It has been the

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