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Music is Fluid

In this class I learned that all of the music we listen to regardless of genre is influenced by African American culture. White people tried

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Last Words – Synahia

LAST WORDS Dr. Johnson, Taking this class for a semester has been such an enjoyable learning experience. Initially, I signed up to fulfill my fine

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So Long, Farwell

I am very grateful to have taken this class, despite the work load. It was very informative and entertaining. I enjoyed learning about African American

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So Long, Farewell

I went into this class with a very different mind set than where I am now.  Learning about the true impact of African Americans in

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Farewell Comrades

This semester of African American Music has far surpassed my expectations. I enjoyed the conversations and class interactions about topics ranging from the commodification to

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Final Farewell…

Survey of African American Music has taught me so much throughout this semester. Initially I believed that since I had no previous knowledge of music

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Peace Out!

Well, its near to the official end of the semester. Every day of the semester proved to me that I made a good decision enrolling

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