Music is Fluid

In this class I learned that all of the music we listen to regardless of genre is influenced by African American culture. White people tried to change it to profit and become the face of it. I also realized that Black music signifies the struggles and triumphs that we have overcome as a people. Every […]

Last Words – Synahia

LAST WORDS Dr. Johnson, Taking this class for a semester has been such an enjoyable learning experience. Initially, I signed up to fulfill my fine arts credit, but by being here I have gained so much more knowledge about the genres throughout the ages. Prior to taking this class I only had a basic level […]

Never Can Say Goodbye…

Dr. Johnson, and the rest of my 2:00 class, just wanted to say thanks for the laughs and the lessons! I’m not going to lie when I first came into the class I was confused as to what it would consist of, but what we did and learned changed everyday so I learned to embrace […]

So Long, Farwell

I am very grateful to have taken this class, despite the work load. It was very informative and entertaining. I enjoyed learning about African American music and its association with black culture. The book was very helpful in my clarifying my understanding genres like Folk, Spirituals, and Rhythm and Blues. It is a class that […]

So Long, Farewell

I went into this class with a very different mind set than where I am now.  Learning about the true impact of African Americans in music has been truly inspiring. I think this is a very good class and I have taken away a lot of knowledge from it. I can say now that I […]

Farewell Comrades

This semester of African American Music has far surpassed my expectations. I enjoyed the conversations and class interactions about topics ranging from the commodification to the origin of African American music. Prior to enrolling in the class I believed that I knew everything there was to know about black music, but I was proved wrong. […]

Final Farewell…

Survey of African American Music has taught me so much throughout this semester. Initially I believed that since I had no previous knowledge of music this class would not interest me but I was very wrong. While in this class I have learned so much about my history and I have also learned just  how […]

Peace Out!

Well, its near to the official end of the semester. Every day of the semester proved to me that I made a good decision enrolling in the class. The class emphasized the musical talents that the black community has contributed to American culture. I learned some things about African-American music that I would have never known. […]

And so we’ve come to the end of the road…

This has definitely been an interesting semester. I honestly didn’t really know what to expect coming in to this class. There were definitely a lot of great times and a lot of really intense times too. But all in all, I really enjoyed this class. I learned a lot of history and information about my […]

It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye…

Wow, I can’t believe we’re at the end already. Music has always been important in my life, but this class has deepened my appreciation for it. From the learning the history of each genre to how music has come full circle today as artists recreate some of the world’s most iconic songs, Survey of African-American […]

“Never Can Say Goodbye…” I’m Out of Here

Doc, after the attitudes and side eyes that went on in this class, we must finally part ways. I loved being able to spend class time exploring the melodies that have been produced by Black artists. This class was just as much a history class as it was a music class. We were able to […]


This semester has been full of laughs, loaded with information, and left me questioning a lot of things. I learned about the different musical genres that African Americans created and continued to progress. Genres such as: Negro Spirituals, Folk, Ragtime, Blues, Jazz, Funk, Techno, R&B, Soul and Rap. Often times, though they were the innovators of […]

Parting Thoughts

Dr. Johnson, I’ll admit I thought I knew exactly what to expect from this class. However, after the first week of class I was quickly proven wrong. I got rid of my expectations, kept an open mind, and I’m glad I did. I’m glad that now the information I learned in this class is something […]

Final Goodbye

Dear Doc, I did not know what to expect from this class. This semester was very challenging for me and I just wanted to say that this class definitely lifted my spirits with all of the music that I was exposed to. I appreciate your enthusiasm while teaching the class and would also like to […]

Last Words…

Dr. Johnson, thank you for a great semester! Coming into this class, I only had my musical knowledge of having played an instrument and singing in an A Capella group in high school. I gained a mountain of knowledge on the countless categories of music influenced by African American culture and history. There is so […]

My Last Words

Dr. Johnson, Thank you so much for this semester. I learned so much about our people’s history and how everything that has happened to us is incorporated into the musical genius that is behind every genre that we studied. Everything that we discussed from negro spirituals to funk, I saw the evolution through the material […]

Dr. Johnson, I would genuinely like to thank you for being the professor of the class Survey of African American Music. It has been the most enjoyable course for me throughout this semester. This includes the laughter and the content. You’ve broadened my perspective of what it truly means to be African American, and though that […]