Jubilee Quartet

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The Golden Gate Quartet

The Golden Gate Quartet Previous Next Quick History Jubilee quartets have roots stemming from the Fisk Jubilee Singers, formed in 1871. This group banded together to preform negro spirituals and combat the large amount of debt that Fisk was facing. These performances of negro spirituals to audiences led to the creation of jubilee quartets and […]

Jubilee Quartet

Jubilee Quartets The Jubilee quartet genre started in the mid 1800’s. The name originated from Fisk University’s Fisk Jubilee Singers. This genre is also called the African American Quartet. The Fisk Jubilee Singers were extremely popular and often sang negro spirituals. They were the first jubilee quartet to tour and be compensated. The quartet usually […]

Jubilee Quartets in the World of HBCUs

Jubilee Quartets in the World of HBCUs What is a Jubilee Quartet? There is much scpeculation regarding where the Jubilee Quartet originated from, but it is certain that there is a rich history. Originally Jubilee Quartets were comprised of 4 or more men with various voice patterns and singing styles. It was common to see […]

Jubilee Quartets and Minstrel Shows: Another Tale of the Abasement of Black Art

Jubilee Quartets and Minstrel Shows: Another Tale of the Abasement of Black Art By Kalila Farrakhan The African American Jubilee Quartet is a genre of music that began in the mid-1800s and its impact has permeated through the twentieth century and current day. A genre with both Africans and Western influences, Jubilee quartets are unique […]

The Significance of Jubilee Quartets

The Significance of Jubilee Quartets As we learn more about music in Survey of African American Music, it is clear that music never dies; it is simply revamped. Much like Folk Music and Negro Spiritual, Jubilee Quartets provides foundational aspects that are essential to music of today, especially Black religious gospel music. While reading the […]

Black People Bring the Flavor and the Style!

The “Tradition” https://youtu.be/Bu4068XH6fs The contributions of Black people to Jubilee music altered the tradition of the quartets. In Black culture, a Jubilee quartet meant more than just four people singing. Black artists breathed life into the quartet by adding more harmonies, sounds, and singers to this genre of music. Even within Jubilee music’s Gospel period, […]

Jubilee Quartets

History of Jubilee Quartets Jubilee Quartets were music groups that became popular in the early 20th century. The genre was very male dominated; however, there were some female groups that emerged into popularity. The groups were typically four members but sometimes had up to six members.  The Golden Gate Quartet The member of the Golden […]

Opening Doors and Creating Spaces, How The Fisk Jubilee Started A Movement

By: Gabrielle Weeden What is A Jubilee Quartet The term “Jubilee” comes from the biblical phrase “Year of the Jubilee,” in which African Americans who had been slaves were set “free.” Jubilee quartets date from the mid-nineteenth century and are a hybrid of European quartet singing and African American singing. The jubilee genre arose from […]

Hidden Treasure: Wheat Street Female Quartet

Honorary Hidden Treasure: Wheat Street Female Quartet By: Alexia Khalil The Wheat Street Female Quartet The Wheat Street Female Quartet originated in Atlanta, Georgia in the early 1900’s, this all female group is not one of those many have heard of or can easily recall. This is not a coincidence in that the identities of […]

Why Jubilee Quartets Deserve More Recognition.

          Jubilee Quartets were popular African American singing groups in America during the early 20th century. These groups were comprised of male or female singers that performed formal arrangements in close four-part harmony. These groups mainly sang a capella. Even though The Fisk Jubilee Singers inspired the Jubilee Quartet, they were […]

Dissection of the Jubilee Quartet: The African American Technique

Dissection of the Jubilee Quartet: The African American Technique In African American music, a quartet is defined as a vocal ensemble that consisted of a minimum of four voices and a maximum of six voices. They sing four-part harmony ranges in either and a cappella style or limited instrumentation. Background In Western art music, the […]

The Walls Group – A Modern Take on Jubilee Quartets

The Walls Group Based in Houston Texas, The Walls Group formed in 2009 by their parents Roger and Alicia Walls who are two amazing singers at their Baptist church. From a young age, their parents encouraged them to use their voice to praise God and to do that both inside and outside of church. Although […]

Can Jubilee It?

Can Jubileeve It? Thesis Jubliee quartets are an important part of African-American music because they broke barriers and created space for African-American artists to compete with their white counterparts. About A jubilee quartet is a group of four singers that create arrangements for negro spirituals. The first jubilee quartet was the Tuskegee Quartet. Ella Sheppard, […]


A cappella vocal groups are also called jubilee quartets because of the characteristics of performance style. They often consisted of men; they had a developed, unique style of singing. They are a sub-genre of gospel music. They are a synthesis of African American and Western practices. Western quartets usually consisted of four members or four […]

The Soul Stirrers: Jubilee Quartet

The Soul Stirrers: Jubilee Quartet Origins of Jubilee Quartet and Jubilee Singing The Jubilee style of singing started in the 1870’s when the Fisk Jubilee singers popularized the singing of negro spirituals in a style that emphasized musical expression and the techniques of western musical traditions. Background The soul stirrers were a jubilee quartet formed […]

Jubilee Quartet

Elvis Presley: King of Rock and Roll or King of Stealing? Jubilee was a unique African American tradition that originated in the mid- 1880s where it evolved in three major cycles; the jubilee period, the transitional period, and the gospel period. In the beginning, the jubilee period highlighted slow hymns, no backing music and no […]

The Mills Brothers

The Mills Brothers WHO WERE THE MILLS BROTHERS? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvJ3eHsslqM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_Knzwe15PY The American vocal quartet that among the most unique and influential in the history of both jazz and mainstream popular music.  The Mills Brothers began as a barbershop quartet. They gave their first public performances in variety shows on the radio in  Cincinnati, Ohio. In […]

The Establishment of The Mills Brothers Quartet

The Establishment of The Mills Brothers Quartet The Mills Brothers earned their title as the best quartet in history. They have inspired many successful jazz and pop artists after their time. As four young brothers, they did not know that they would soon be celebrities who started singing at their father’s barbershop in Ohio. Where […]

Jubilee Quartet Post

The Impact of HBCU’s on Jubilee Quartets Jubilee quartets were an important part of 20th century African American music and held significant cultural and religious importance. The name “Jubilee Quartet” itself derives from the early Fisk Jubilee Singers who sang negro spirituals. We previously studied negro spirituals in our last unit and we all know […]