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The Golden Gate Quartet

The most popular of the Jubilee Quartets were the Golden Quartets. This group formed in the mid-30’s and started in Booker T. Washington High School located in Norfolk, Virginia. This group was made up of

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Jubilee Quartetts

Origin The Jubilee Quartet was influenced by Negro spirituals and was exactly that just in a more sophisticated way. The first Jubilee singers who performed at Fisk University as a way to raise funds for

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Jubilee Quartets: The Golden Gate Quartet

The Golden Gate Quartet The Golden Gate Quartet is the most popular Jubilee Quartet from the era of 1880-1929. A transition from the Jubilee Quartet style to the Gospel Quartet style occurred the 1930s, which

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Jubilee Quartets

Jubilee Quartets by Nina Lee Jubilee quartets can be thought of taking the keeping the spirit from negro spirituals but giving it a modern-day flair through the way it was delivered. Many of the groups

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Origin & History The Fairfield Four started out at a trio at Fairfield Baptist Church which is located in Nashville, Tennessee in 1921 which means they existed for over 90 years! Current Members Reverend Sam

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