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Wallace Roney

Background – He was born in Philadelphia and attended Howard University and Berkeley College of Music. Roney attended Duke Ellington School and made his recording debut with Nation and Haki Mahbuti. He attained distinction as

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Louie Armstrong – Background Beginning the year of 1919, Louie Armstrong spent his summers playing on riverboats with a band led by Fate Marable. He was an American jazz pianist and bandleader. There is there Louis honed his music reading skills, eventually

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Sub Genre: Jazz

Nina grew up in a southern Methodist home and began singing in the church as a child like many other African American musicians. As she began adulthood, to make ends meet, she started to sing

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The Jazz Age

Origin Created by blacks in New Orleans, Jazz is a music genre that has elements from ragtime and blues. Jazz rose to popularity during the late 19th century after Jim Crow Laws prohibited mixed individuals

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Modal Jazz

MODAL JAZZ Lauryn Hoard, Leah Wardlaw, Vashti Jones Origin and elements of modal jazz Modal Jazz originated in the 1950s, specifically between the Montogomery Bus Boycott (1956) and the Civil Rights Act (1964). It is

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Jazz: Swing Era

Swing: Jazz EraBy Sydnei Young, Sarah Wiggins, Christal Smith, Alesha Minott, and Isoke Nelson Origin Swing Jazz originated in New Orleans, Louisiana between 1935 and the mid 1940s, formerly known as the Swing Era. The

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