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James Brown & Funk

Who was James Brown? James Brown was an African American singer and musician. He was born in Barnwell, South Carolina on May 3, 1933. Growing up Brown and his family did not have much. Growing

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A Different Type of Punk: Parliament Funkadelic

Parliament Funkadelic Where did Parliament Funkadelic Get its Inspiration From? Parliament Funkadelic was inspired by Motown. George Clinton, Parliament Funkadelic’s, founder initially began songwriting for Motown. Clinton combined musicians he’d previously worked with to form

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Parliament Funkadelic

George Clinton is the founder of Parliament Funkadelic in 1964. Th group has over 40 R&B hit singles. The band orgiinally consisted of musicians Frankie Boyce, Richard Boyce, and Langston Booth plus 5 more members.

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Funk originated in African American communities in the 1960s. It is a mixture of soul, jazz, rythm and blues. Funk has a unique sound that made it so popular versus other genres of music that

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