Thesis: The 70s was an era of self-expression, through public protests, fashion, and music. It was a time when there were cultural and social changes, technological advancements, and economic struggles. We can credit the black community of the 70s with inspiring creativity. Dance was a form of creativity which gave the Black communities an outlet […]

Kc and The Sunshine Band : The Disco Band of the 70s

With a total of 15 musicians including the lead singer Harry Casey, KC and the Sunshine Band, took the disco and funk world by storm with their hit singles. Their songs appeared in over 200 motion picture soundtracks and have been featured at every single major sporting event from the NFL to the Kentucky Derby. […]

Sister Sledge: A Disco Group

Sister Sledge: A Disco Group Disco was a genre of music popular in the 1970’s and was a form of dance music. Although the disco era did not last long, many artists and groups emerged through disco, one of them being “Sister Sledge”. Sister Sledge was a phenomenal girl group that turned the tides in […]

Hot Stuff: Donna Summer

Donna Summer was know as the “queen of Disco” in her era due to her powerful vocals. Donna had a unique voice that carried her all the way to stardom. When she dropped the song “Love to Love you Baby” she was an instant sensation and a force to be reckoned with. Donna’s voice incorporated […]

Donna Summers by Tyria Gilmore

Thesis: Donna Summers was the most prominent figure in Disco due to her beauty and talents. Disco is a genre of music that emerged from urban night life in the 1970s.  Disco was catered to Blacks, Latinos, and gays.The first disco qua disco hit was Gloria Gaynor’s “Never Can Say Goodbye” (1974), one of the […]

Poem Post: Music Makes my Hips Sway

It came about in the Late 40s Very fast paced and sped up makes me feel like I’m being chased you can’t dance to this music no you must admire this music you close your eyes and you let your mind wander you hear the sax and the piano mesh together to make this vibrant […]

The Lady Behind The Voice- Donna Summer, The Queen of Disco

By: Gabrielle Weeden The Music That Makes People Want to Dance Disco is a form of dance music that first became popular in the 1970s. The word “disco” comes from the term “discotheque,” which refers to a club or party where people danced to recorded pop music. Disco music has a basic tempo of 12 […]

is disco really dead?

Is Disco really dead? Disco was in its prime in the early 60’s through late 70’s. This new fun sound of music was at the top of the charts and people’s hearts. The mix between strings, synthesizers, and electronic instruments had the dance floor going crazy. Many new dances formed because of this genre including […]

Let’s Boogie!

Let’s Boogie! Thesis Disco is by far one of the most influential genres that produced historic cultural moments and shaped American pop culture in general. About Disco was inspired by genres such as funk, soul, salsa, and pop. Disco is a genre of music commonly listened to when people want to dance. The term “disco” […]

Donna Summer: The Queen of Disco

Donna Summer: The Queen of Disco Background Donna Summer was born on December 31, 1948, in Boston Massachusetts. She began performing as a child in her local church choir. She also performed in school musicals and even joined a blues-rock band named Crow. The group had little success so Donna decided to explore other options. […]

Sister Sledge

Sister Sledge is an American musical vocal group from Philadelphia

Disco Diva!

Background Ladonna Adrian Gaines better known as the “Queen of Disco”, was a famous singer/songwriter in the late 1970s. Donna Summer performed in her church choir and school musicals as a child. Landing the part of Sheila in a German Broadway musical, “Hair”, Donna Summer traveled throughout Europe where she created several pop songs. Her […]

Progressive Pioneer: Grace Jones

Thesis: Through disco music and abnormal appearance, Grace jones catalyzed the notions of undefined gender norms, queer identity, and open sexuality. Disco was a new sound that largely placed emphasis on the expression of individuality.  It is a style of music that was popularized in the 1970s with a sound that is noted by four-on-the-floor […]


DISCO! History of Disco Disco became popular in the 1970s New York City. Much like every other genre of music, it originated from urban culture. The genre sold sex, dancing, and drug use. The bump and the hustle are two very popular dances that derived from Disco. This genre of music is very notable because […]

Disco Fever

DISCO FEVER Disco, an abbreviation of the French word discothèque, is a musical genre that came from underground dance venues in New York City during the 1970’s. DJs paved the way for the genre by entertaining African Americans, Latinos, and gay dancers. Originally defined as a musical setting, disco evolved into a style involving certain […]

Disco in the 70s

By: JaNae Fleming Disco emerged in the 70s to promote freedom and liberation at the time. DIsco is compromised of funk and r&b. Disco was heavily influenced by the LGBTQ+ community. Because disco promoted freedom and liberation, the genre helped create safe spaces and increase acceptances of people belonging to the LGBTQ+ community.