Insight into the Composers, Conductors, and Musical Performers

When speaking of the impact of classical music and the contributors, black and brown contributors are left out of the conversation. Other genres that have a more significant presence of Black composers and influences, such as Hip Hop/Rap, R&B, and Soul/Neo-Soul, to name a few, will give credit where it’s due. Classical music has had […]

“Ima Classic Man”

“Ima Classic Man” Classical music is a genre or style of music that did not originate from black people, but grew in appreciation and contribution to the field by black people over time. Black people became more integrated in society in academics, culture, and music. They were finally able to learn professionally in college. Classical […]

The Arts/Classical

During the early 20th century was the emergence of composers who taught at Black universities/colleges, with a few of them winning critical acclaims. Their legacy was then passed down to the next generation during the 60s. Before the Civil War, only  small group of classically trained Black composers worked professionally in America. Most of these […]

Classical Music and the African American Composer and Musician

Prior to the Civil War, there was only a small number of classically trained African-American composers working professionally in the United States. These composers received formal instruction in music mainly from immigrant European musicians or from local practitioners or were self-taught. These early composers mainly wrote short compositions based upon European models — waltzes, cotillions, […]

Gospel: Old School vs New School

Satan,Your Kingdom Must Come Down: HYMN this song originally sang through hymn has been recreated by The Shirley Caesar renamed: Satin were going to tare your kingdom down.  Origin For christians the archetypal story of “confronting your demons” come from the 1st chapter of Mark’s gospel: The Spirit immediately drove him into the wilderness, and […]

Do you really know the Classics?

The classical genre originated around the 11th or 12th century in Europe, but was introduced to the African American community by the “Black Mozart”, Chevalier de Saint-George in the 1770’s.  African Americans were only seriously introduced to the classical genre after the civil war (also known as the antebellum period), but were taught by European […]

Classical Music

Origin & Characteristics Classical music is one of the oldest musical genres to date . Classical music made it’s appearance in the early 19th century. However, it became more popular in the Black communities in the 20th century. Black people were excluded out of the genre up until the time of enslavement in American. After […]

Emergence: The Black presence in Classical Music

Origins and Characteristics for the Black Community Even though Classical music was not derived from the Black body, the Black body has had a tremendous hand in cultivating this once fully “whitewashed” genre. There were many new black composers and musicians coming to the forefront sharing the musical talents locally, nationally, and internationally post Emancipation. […]

Classical Music

Origin of Genre Due to Emancipation black people had more opportunities to get professional training and have more exposure for Black composers. So they went to American universities where they received conservatory music training and learned to write other musical forms. With these larger scales of music like opera, symphonic essays, concerto etc, they grew […]

A New Era Of Classical Music

Origin & Characteristics In the early twentieth century, classically trained African American composers emerged and taught at various black colleges and universities. During the antebellum period Philadelphia served as the cultural capital for Black America. Many black composers flourished despite the racism taking place. During this period in time musicians were seen as entertainment rather […]

The Irony of Classical Music

The irony of African American classical music is in its semblance to white Americans takeover of Black genres of music. While making this statement, however, it is essential that one recognizes the use within white classical music of elements of African influence.”In his 2006 book, Listening to Artifacts: Music Culture in Ancient Israel/Palestine, Theodore Burgh […]

Sassy and Classy: A Look Into Classical Music

  William Grant Still, born in Mississippi in 1895 and raised in Arkansas, was a gifted musician who took formal violin lessons and taught himself to play clarinet, saxophone, oboe, viola, cello and double bass. Still would evolve into a man that set the standards for those to come. He was the first black man to […]

Classical Post

Although Classical describes a preiod of time in music in which artists like Motzart performed, it is usually used to describe music that isn’t traditional like jazz, funk or rock. However  “Classical Music” is serious or conventinal music with long established principals where the symphany, concerto, etude,and opera were formed. Classical “spans over a hundred […]

Aspects of Black Classical Music – Sydnei Young

Aspects of Black Classical Music Written by: Sydnei Young Origin:     Although Classical music came about in the early 18th century, it wasn’t until the 20th century the Black community became prominent composers. African-Americans were finally ready to advance their tremendous talents by adding their flavor to this genre. Characteristics:     Classical music […]

Class of Classical Music

Origin of the Genre The origin of classical music can be found dating back to the Medieval times (5th to 15th century). Classical music was not created by Black people, and unlike the previously mentioned genres classical music was not led by Black people.Within classical music, there are different eras to break down the styles […]

Black Classical

Origin of the Genre Unlike other African American music genres. The classical genre was not created by blacks. The earliest recorded classical time period is the medieval period ( 500-1400).  Although the term ” classical music” was not used until the 19th century during the time of Johann Sebastian Bach. Even though this genre was preexisting, African […]

Classical Music

Origin Classical music was originated during the Medieval Times. There were only a few African American composers and some resided in slave states.They received formal instruction from immigrant European musicians. Some African American composers learned from local practitioners or they were self-taught. They wrote short compositions based on European American Models, and dance music with […]


Origin & Characteristics Classical music began in 1730 and lasted all the way until 1920. It wasn’t until the 20th century where you begin to notice black people become relevant in classical.  Classical is an extremely structured genre. Instruments like the piano, oboe, trumpet, bassoon, clarinet, timpani, violin, viola, cello, and flute were often found playing in […]


Origin: Classical music is one of the few genres that was not influenced by black folks. It has been around since the 1700s. It started in 1730 and lasted until the 1820s. Some Classical music was influenced by Baroque music. The Baroque period was right before it. Baroque consisted of soft grained viol string family […]