Music From Africa to America

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Folk Music’s Hidden Messages

Folk Music’s Hidden Messages Folk music is derived from Africa and has migrated to the United States as a result of the Transatlantic Slave Trade. This genre of music focuses on storytelling and the expression of emotion to convey a message. Folk music amongst enslaved Africans allowed a tradition to stay alive throughout in the Americas […]

Folk Music: Juba this, Juba that Critique

This post is very well organized and clearly stated she put the various information in different sections. The author included a lot of information and she used a lot of examples. I like how she included pictures and a video example of a specific type of folk music used, using the body as an instrument. […]

FOLK MUSIC-The Beginning

What is folk music? African-American folk music was the first type of music created by African Americans. It was a combination of African elements and American elements created by slaves. Folk music was all about using/making the most of what you had. That can be seen with the elements of folk music. Folk music is […]

Folk Music: An African American Creation

History What is folk music? Folk music as the term or the genre was originated in the 19th century, however this type of music was created way before then. The word folk refers to the traditional art of a community or culture. Just as folktales are a major part of African American culture so is […]