NOLA Bounce Music

NOLA BOUNCE MUSIC Bounce music is a type of hip hop that originated in the late 1980s in New Orleans, Louisiana. Repetitive call and response lyrics and a quick beat are some characteristics of b0unce music. The diverse culture if New Orleans is reflected in their music. Bounce music is usually based off the Brown […]

Bounce To This: Big Freedia and Bounce from the 80s-2000s

What Is Bounce?   Bounce music is a genre of music that can be categorized by the iconic triggerman beat. The triggerman beat is composed of an upbeat tempo with the infamous xylophone riff.  Where Did Bounce Start?   Bounce was born in New Orleans, Louisiana in the 80s. It started in the city’s housing […]

Bounce Music History

Bounce Presenters: Aniyah Peterson, Alyssa Armstrong, Amber Sylvain, Desirae Banks, Jaden Jackson History Bounce music is rooted in and inherently connected to New Orleans culture. Bounce music can be categorized as a style of music that originated in the city’s housing projects during the late 1980’s. The backbone of the genre is its use of […]