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Black and Blues

The Start of Blues Blues began in the black communities of the deep south with center origins in the Mississippi Delta. It was formed as

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Black & Blues

Origin At the end of the twentieth century, a new genre named Blues “emerged from Black communities in the southern United States”(119). In contrast to

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Blues: The Safe Haven

Background Blues began in the early 1920s around the deep South along the Mississippi River during the times of Jim Crow.  Blues music stemmed from

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Black and the Blues

An Introduction and History of Blues The blues music genre was created at the turn of the 20th century. During this time, there were several

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Black & Blues -Alix Swann

The Blues came to the United States not even 50 years after slaves were granted their freedom. Sharecropping was very popular in the South after

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Black N Blues

Blues is Black Origin- The Blues was born in the South, the Mississippi Delta, by Afrian Americans and was birthed from folk music in the

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All Blue All BLACK! The blues grew out of the Mississippi Delta. It’s creators of course were African Americans who evolved the blues from their

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