Black & Blue The Blues. The blues emerged in the South after the American Civil War but was all too familiar of a sound to many black individuals. The “Blues” had a sound that served as a reminder of sadness, pain. Its sound was associated with the struggle, something many black individuals were ready to […]

Black and Blues

History of Blues Blues was originally slave music was first hymns & work songs. It Gradually it became reworked into an original form of expression. This genre is created out of anguish, honesty, talent and self expression “the blues” arrived. The blues did not get its name until the 20th century. W.C. Handy is the […]

Black & Blues

Blues is a music genre which was originated in the Deep South of the United States around the 1870s by African Americans from roots in African musical traditions, African-American work songs, and spirituals. Blues incorporated field hollers, shouts, chants, and rhymed simple narrative ballads.The blues form, ubiquitous in jazz, rhythm and blues and rock and […]

Blacks & The Blues

The Origin Like an other musical genre, it is of no surprise that the blues transcended from African American roots.The blues sprung from the deep south in Mississippi and began to take over the south in the 1900s. The musical genre stemmed from folk music and work songs, but with the introduction of new instruments […]

Black & Feelin’ Blue

James Baldwin once said, “To be a Negro and to be relatively conscious is to be in a rage all the time.” These words have not rang more true in any other genre than blues. Blues music arose in a time where hard times plagued the black community. The genre emerged in the United States […]

Blues and Black, Blacks and Blue Origins and Influences The origin of blues is in the deep South, one of the first accounts of hearing the deep sounds was in Mississippi. The main influence on the genre is clearly folk music, this is especially clear when it comes to the instruments used when the genre was first established. There are […]

Black and Blues

The term “blues” was used to identify a new type of song emerging from Black communities in the southern United States by the end of the first decade of the twentieth century.  New and different from formal musical characteristics, this timeless music reflected pain, sadness, and feeling blue.  Blues music seemed to simultaneously turn up […]

Black & Blues

The Blues originated in the Deep South of Mississippi Delta during the 1920s. The Blues became a staple for the black communities to express themselves through their lyrics. The emergence of Blues came during the Jim Crow period. Blues allowed for Black communities to challenge stereotypes placed upon them and lead the way in the […]

Black and Blues

Black and Blues By: Whitney Holmes How Did Blues Music Begin? During the turn of the twentieth century, several new forms of music by the black community began to develop. Simultaneously, many new racial tensions were increasing during this time. Along with jazz, ragtime, and gospel music, the birth of blues was beginning. It combines […]

Black & Blues

Origin The blues has deep roots in American history, particularly African-American history. The blues originated on Southern plantations in the 19th Century. Its inventors were slaves, ex-slaves and the descendants of slaves—African-American sharecroppers who sang as they toiled in the cotton and vegetable fields. It’s generally accepted that the music evolved from African spirituals, African […]

Black & Blues

What is Blues? The Blues is a genre of music that was created by African American in the South. Blues voiced African American’s grief, desires, adversity, trials and tribulations in a style that was specific to the genre. Instruments such as harmonicas, washboards, guitars, and slide guitars could be heard in blues. Origin […]

Black n’ Blues

Let’s get into the Blues Years following the end of the slavery epidemic in America, the music genre, Blues, began to boom. African Americans, no longer enslaved, took on a new form of oppression through segregation. In addition to that, most blacks did not know any other skills other than physical labor and worked as […]

Black & Blue

BLACK & BLUE Background “Blues” was and is a music style that was born in the deep south. The creators of the blues were ex-slaves, slaves, sharecroppers, and just poor black folk in the south, mainly Mississippi. Blues has  many parts from other music genres, such as folk, negro spirituals and work songs. Blues was […]

Black and Blues

All About the Blues Many musics genres were influenced and created during slavery, which later influenced new genres. A few years removed from slavery bloomed the genre of Blues. While African Americans were no longer slaves, segregation was in full effect and sharecropping was their way of getting income, where they were still overworked and […]

Black and Blues

The Start of Blues Blues began in the black communities of the deep south with center origins in the Mississippi Delta. It was formed as a secular genre in the beginning of the 20th century. Blues as a genre was a musical outlet for African Americans to express their hardships and sorrows they experienced in […]

Black & Blues

Origin At the end of the twentieth century, a new genre named Blues “emerged from Black communities in the southern United States”(119). In contrast to other black genres at the time,  – Ragtime, Jazz, etc. – blues symbolized the sorrows of poor blacks. In addition, due to it’s origin stemming from sharecroppers in the Mississippi […]

Blues: The Safe Haven

Background Blues began in the early 1920s around the deep South along the Mississippi River during the times of Jim Crow.  Blues music stemmed from genres such as work songs, spirituals, and African music having come about from recently emancipated slaves in the deep South.  Early forms of blues music was seen to consist of […]

Black and the Blues

An Introduction and History of Blues The blues music genre was created at the turn of the 20th century. During this time, there were several other black music genres that were popular at the time, such as ragtime music, jazz music, and jubilee quartet groups. All of these genres focused and emphasized the talent and […]

Black & Blues -Alix Swann

The Blues came to the United States not even 50 years after slaves were granted their freedom. Sharecropping was very popular in the South after slavery ended, and the work was just as difficult. After slavery, black people still needed a way to express their frustration and melancholy attitudes toward the way they were being […]

Black N Blues

Blues is Black Origin- The Blues was born in the South, the Mississippi Delta, by Afrian Americans and was birthed from folk music in the early 1900’s. Blues was a secular genre of music which opened up a space for African Americans to express their hardships. The narratives from African American artist about their troubles […]